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We at Client Nectar believe that it is through sharing your expertise to help others that you can create true wealth:


…a business that gives you the fulfilment you need, the income you deserve, and,


…a life with more time for the people that matter to you, and the freedom to be YOU.

What you need is guidance and support from an experienced mentor who has achieved the success you want to achieve, and who can provide you with a clear path to get you from where you are now to where you want to be, in the fastest time possible.



Because we understand that you don’t want to spend years learning how to build your coaching business – you want to get on with being a Successful Coach.

We provide you with exceptionally supportive programs that train you in all the business, marketing, technology and mindset skills you need to START, LAUNCH & SCALE your Coaching Business.


Our programs get you TAKING ACTION from day one – you’ll build your Coaching Business whilst you learn!

The Early Years In Academia…

I come from a family of entrepreneurs but no one in my family thought I would become a successful entrepreneur. I was labelled as “too academic”. When I was headhunted at 24 years old to become a Course Director of a Fashion Marketing degree program in London, I thought my family were right.
As it turned out, I excelled in this role, because I loved teaching, and loved supporting my students to achieve their full potential. I even wrote a new BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing Degree Program and got to see it being taught to undergraduates.
But after five years I was frustrated by the demands of this job, the 90-hour weeks had sucked the life and passion out of me! I needed to keep developing as a person, it was time to stop playing small, so I retrained as a Psychotherapist.

When I qualified in 2007, I packed up my life and job in academia, and moved to West Cork in Ireland. As you can imagine, living by the beach with a local population of just 10,000, there weren’t many job opportunities for a University Lecturer in Fashion Marketing!

Yet the local spirit of creating their own businesses to give them jobs excited me, and I immediately launched my Psychotherapy Practice – so you could say I accidentally became an entrepreneur.

Within a year I was fully booked with private clients and had a role as onsite counsellor for a multinational firm based in Cork. The marketing I implemented brought me so many clients that I ended up building other counsellors’ businesses through my referrals to them.

I quickly realised that the downside of being a Psychotherapist was that I was trading time for money. I was fully booked with clients and bringing in a revenue in excess of $40,000, yet was still only taking home $20,000 per year (which I could have made as a secretary with far less stress!).

For the second time in my life I found that I was working too hard for too little and I was damn sure that I was worth more!

An Accidental Entrepreneur…

Forging My Own Path In Life And Business…

At this point, I realised that being an entrepreneur was in my blood and it was up to me to find a way to break free from working too hard for too little.

In 2014, I launched Client Nectar. Within one month of launching my first online course teaching therapists how to attract clients, I had made back my financial investment to set up this company. I knew I had found the holy grail to breaking free from working too hard for too little!

Just three years on Client Nectar is a multiple six figure business. I have helped hundreds of Coaches, Consultants and Therapists to transform their businesses and lives. My guidance and support has taken many of my clients from scratch to making six figures and beyond in less than a year.

The best part of this for me is that my clients are happier, richer and more fulfilled in their work AND making the positive impact globally that they are here to make.

What I Have Learnt…

The biggest wisdom I can share with you from over a decade being self-employed and helping many others to make their business dreams a reality is to,

“Start Before You Are Ready!”

The truth is that if you wait until you are 100% ready to launch your business you will never do it.
I’ve spoken to countless talented Coaches whose fear of:

….not being experienced enough,
….not being qualified enough,
….not being ready,

Meant that they didn’t take the opportunity to make their dreams a reality.
Worse still their fear stopped them investing in the support they needed at the time when they could still afford to do so.

It breaks my heart the number of amazing Coaches who have said to me,

“I wish I had known about you sooner”
It doesn’t have to be this way for YOU!

You are already here!

Take your first step right now by booking in a call with me. You will receive 60 minutes of my undivided attention (and years of experience). Simply click the button below:

We will discuss your business visions and create a full-proof plan together to help you achieve them.

Having spoken with me you might decide to work with me on one of my programs to help you achieve your goals fast. However, this call is 100% about you, and there is no pressure to work with me. You’ll still walk away with a concrete marketing plan of all the steps you need to take to attract your ideal clients and grow your coaching business.

What are you waiting for?