growing highly profitable coaching business

The 7 Secrets To Growing A Highly Profitable Coaching Business

Are you feeling excited about growing your highly profitable business? I hope so! If you’ve read my blog post, The 3 Biggest Problems Solopreneurs Face , then you will know that the core foundation of your business model needs to be one that is.. International Scalable Not based on you trading time for money The question…

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problems solopreneurs face

The 3 Biggest Problems Solopreneurs Face (& How To Avoid Them)

For many solopreneurs, there are three problems that they struggle with and these at best simply stop them from growing their business and achieving their desire income, at worst they can cause them to burn out. It has taken me ten years being self-employed and three businesses to finally crack these problems myself, and create…

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Reasons to launch mastermind programme

The 7 Keys To Launching Your Mastermind Programme Successfully

If you have been following my blogs lately you will know that I have been sharing with you my secrets to successfully creating, launching and selling your Mastermind programme. In my last blog post I covered how to put your ideas down on paper so you can create a Mastermind programme that is dynamic and…

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create a mastermind programme that adds revenue to your business

How To Create A Mastermind Programme That Adds Revenue To Your Business

If you have been wondering how to create your Mastermind programme and add 5 figures in revenue to your business then you are going to want to read this article. It is time to make the shift from dreaming of a way to be able to work with a small group of your ideal clients…

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5 reasons to launch a mastermind programme

5 Reasons You Need To Launch A Mastermind Programme

If you are a Coach, Consultant or Therapist, then you should consider launching a Mastermind programme. This is especially suitable for you if you would like to bring together a small community of highly committed, likeminded individuals and want to be able to work deeply with them to help them achieve their goals. There are…

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Reason to launch a mastermind programme

The No. #1 Reason You Need To Launch A Mastermind Programme

Every so often I catch these glimpses of inspiration that make my heart flutter. I had one such glimpse this morning as I was looking over at my beloved partner. He had been struggling the past few days with his self-confidence as he prepares for his second ever webinar in just a week’s time. Just…

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what is a mastermind

What is a Mastermind & Why I launched Mine

Right now, if you are working as a Coach or Mentor with international clients, then if you have not already got a Mastermind Group, you should be launching one. I will explain why I think that Mastermind Groups are the best way to make the biggest impact on your ideal clients, and achieve your revenue…

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Do great work with client and tell people about it

Do Great Work With Clients & Tell People About It!

Okay, so I hope you have been enjoying my series of articles about how to set the world alight with your business this year. We have spent the past few weeks working through 4 of my 5 pillars that will make you successful with your business this year, and we are about to talk you…

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discover your inner gifts

Discover Your Inner Gifts

Discovering my inner gifts didn’t happen overnight. In fact it took many years, and several changes of profession, before I had a light bulb moment that changed my understanding of myself and my true capabilities. It happened in the most unexpected of places and went something like this.. A business mentor I was working with…

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be a thought leader not a follower

Be A Thought Leader Not A Follower

Making the impact we desire with our business is not something that just happens. It is something we can orchestrate. I have chosen to share with you my five pillars to setting the world alight with your business this year, so you can learn exactly how you can make your business the success you desire…

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