5 Steps To Ditch Your Corporate Job And Become A Successful Coach

Fed up of your daily commute? Want to ditch your corporate job and become a successful coach? Ready for more time, freedom and being your own boss? You will want to read on then because this blog will guide you through my 5 simple steps to successfully making this transition – and never looking back!…

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Stop dreading going to work and start making an income from your expertise

Are you dreading going to work because you are quite simply fed up with the 9 to 5, the company politics and your daily commute? Then you’ll want to read this article as I have a solution for you that will enable you to give up the drudgery of your current job and replace it…

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How to avoid making costly mistakes when starting your coaching business

If you want to avoid making costly mistakes with your coaching business then you have to recognise this sobering fact..  “There are a HUGE NUMBER of services available to people seeking to improve their wellbeing, health, relationships and business.”  These services are not just being provided by other Coaches but also include Counsellors, Holistic Therapists,…

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5 Common Mistakes New Coaches Make

Do you know the common mistakes new coaches make? Are you struggling to figure out what your services are going to be and how to price them? Then you will want to check out this article, as you will learn the 5 common mistakes new coaches make when starting their businesses. Making these mistakes will…

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How To Plan Your Social Media Marketing

If you know that you need to be active on social media to engage with your ideal clients, then you’ll probably be wondering how you can plan your social media marketing without becoming completely overwhelmed. I hear Solopreneurs lament regularly about how much time it takes to maintain an active presence on social media. They…

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Do You Need A Social Media Presence For Your Business?

If you want to be successful in business nowadays it is a given that you will need to have an active Social Media Presence. That said many business owners don’t have a social media presence because they feel out of their depth with this technology. Or they dip their toes in and get completely overwhelmed.…

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Plan Your Working Week For Business Success

Do you find it difficult to plan your working week so you CAN achieve your objectives? If you do you are not alone. Do you feel you are not being as effective as you could be? Are you finding yourself procrastinating and being distracted by doing activities which are not income generating, and not going…

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growing highly profitable coaching business

The 7 Secrets To Growing A Highly Profitable Coaching Business

Are you feeling excited about growing your highly profitable business? I hope so! If you’ve read my blog post, The 3 Biggest Problems Solopreneurs Face , then you will know that the core foundation of your business model needs to be one that is.. International Scalable Not based on you trading time for money The question…

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problems solopreneurs face

The 3 Biggest Problems Solopreneurs Face (& How To Avoid Them)

For many solopreneurs, there are three problems that they struggle with and these at best simply stop them from growing their business and achieving their desire income, at worst they can cause them to burn out. It has taken me ten years being self-employed and three businesses to finally crack these problems myself, and create…

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Reasons to launch mastermind programme

The 7 Keys To Launching Your Mastermind Programme Successfully

If you have been following my blogs lately you will know that I have been sharing with you my secrets to successfully creating, launching and selling your Mastermind programme. In my last blog post I covered how to put your ideas down on paper so you can create a Mastermind programme that is dynamic and…

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