Would You Love to Attract Your Ideal Clients
and Grow a Thriving Coaching Business?

Sure-fire Success Strategies to Attract Your Ideal Clients
and Grow a Thriving Coaching Business

(I've buit a multiple six figure business using the EXACT blueprint I am going to teach you, so I know what works and can stop you from making the same mistakes I did)

  • Are you passionate about making a difference to people’s lives with your coaching work?
  • Are you deeply frustrated by not knowing how to get your message across to the clients you would LOVE to work with?
  • Are you stuck in an endless cycle of trading time for money and not charging what you know you are worth?
  • Are you stuck; lacking clarity, motivation and inspiration? Terrified of failure?

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. I have  a process you can follow that will support you to make your coaching dreams a reality, so you can go from unknown to internationally recognised coach.

I’ve used this process myself to grow my own coaching business from scratch to making over half a million in just a few years.

This proven process has transformed the businesses (and lives) of coaches I’ve taught, and works whatever your coaching discipline whether you are a life coach, health coach, business coach or even a vocal coach!

You can learn my process by joining my Client Attraction Academy programme. This unique 3 month programme is where the next generation of Internationally Recognised Coaches get clear on their perfectly fitting niche that is 100% in alignment with their gifts and master the art of authentically marketing and selling their coaching programmes to their dream clients.

We are so different from all of the other programmes out there because we care deeply about you and your business. What makes this programme stand apart from others is the level of hand holding and support that you will receive. So even if you are lacking in confidence or are a complete technophobe, you will be amazed at your ability to achieve your heart’s desires and get your coaching business launched online in just a matter of months!

The best bit? You get things done. Finally. No more procrastination and no more “hope marketing” where you stare longingly at your phone or email hoping that today is the day that you land a new client.

Imagine what life will be like, operating in total flow and allowance, aligned with your authentic values and not in scarcity and feast and famine mode?

I hate to tell you this; but you can’t be a secret and a success. It’s your time NOW.

Why Coaches Like You Join This Programme…

  • To stop struggling to attract your ideal clients
  • To quit working too hard for too little and instead charge your worth
  • To stop feeling afraid of putting yourself out there
  • To once and for all get over confidence and self-belief issues
  • To be guided through the process of launching your coaching business successfully
  • To have your hand held through setting up the technology and marketing your coaching business so you can make your long-held dream a reality
  • You don’t want to wait and want a clear blueprint to follow to achieve your visions fast

What You Can Expect As A Student
on The Client Attraction Academy…

  • You will discover your perfectly fitting niche that is in alignment with your inner gifts so you can feel confident about putting yourself out there
  • You will learn how you can become an Internationally Recognised Coach
  • You will learn how to generate tons of leads and convert prospects into new clients in a 100% authentic way
  • You will create a transformational 1:1 or Group Programme that your clients will rave about
  • You will prepare and host your first Live Webinar, to launch your online coaching business
  • You will learn how to use the key technology needed to run a thriving Coaching Business (and create the freedom and flexibility you crave)
  • You will set up an automated marketing sales funnel to bring you your ideal clients on tap!
  • You will build your email list and create a community of people who recognise the value of the work you do
  • You will be deeply supported in a way that you will not have experienced before on an online group programme and you will have your hand held through the entire process of launching, marketing and selling your Coaching Programme.

Here’s What You’ll Learn on This Programme…

You will learn our proven process for growing thriving Coaching Businesses. This process consists of three distinct phases, each phase takes one month to complete:

Phase 1: Creating Your Coaching Programme

You will dive deeply into your soul to get clear on what your gifts truly are and the niche that is 100% in alignment with your gifts. You will feel yourself expand in confidence as you recognise (perhaps for the very first time) what your true purpose is and who you are here to make a difference to by sharing your gifts.

With this new understanding of your true purpose, you will be guided to create your brand, with you at the heart of it. Your niche and brand will be further enhanced as you connect with your ideal clients to discover more about who they are and what they need from you and your programme.

Having gathered this research you will then be ready to breathe life into your transformational Coaching Programme, so that it becomes a real and irresistible offering.

Phase 2: Marketing Your Coaching Programme

Armed with your newly formed niche, brand and programme, you will progress onto this second phase of this programme. During this month you will plan, promote and then towards the end of the month host your first Free Live Webinar.

If you have any fears about hosting a live webinar then, please do not  worry, we know exactly how to help you master your mindset and shift any fears that have limited you up until now. We know what works and how you can apply proven techniques that work.

You’ll be amazed at how rapidly you generate leads and expand your email list by applying the knowledge we teach you about Facebook Marketing.

This is the beginning of you getting known and recognised as an International Authority in your field of coaching. You’ll also find that by generating brand awareness on Facebook and hosting webinars you will bring together a community of people who know and love the work you do. Your own tribe of raving fans that act as ambassadors for you and your program.

Phase 3: Selling Your Coaching Programme

In this third phase of the programme you are empowered to automate your webinar and start selling your Coaching Programme to those who need your help.

You will be lovingly challenged to overcome any money blocks that have held you back from charging your worth up until now, and you’ll break through any lingering limitations.

With our help, you’ll discover that selling is something that can be fun. Your newly-found confidence will make this process a whole lot less daunting and much more exciting! You will have an automated sales funnel that will bring you in a steady stream of leads that you can convert into clients. Daily, weekly and monthly.

What Makes This Programme Different From Others…

  • We take huge pride in the fact that there is no other programme anywhere in the world which offers the level of hand holding and support that our programme offers our students, and gets the results that we get with our students
  • We consistently have an exceptionally high completion rate for this programme consistently over 90% and sometimes even 100%! (which makes the industry standard of 15% look somewhat pitiful).
  • It is our aim that every student who completes our programme launches their Coaching Business during the programme and our success rate is head and shoulders above our competition. In fact many of our students go on to join Shelley’s Mastermind which is testament to what we achieve with students like you.

Here’s How the Programme is Delivered…

  • 12 Weeks of Taught Modules delivered by mixture of live webinars and recorded videos that will guide you step by step through the process of launching your Coaching Business and marketing & Selling your Coaching Programme.
  • Weekly Marketing & Strategy Group Coaching Calls with Shelley Hutchinson where you can ask questions you have about implementing the actions from the taught modules and receive support with making your coaching business a success!
  • Fortnightly Technical Group Coaching Calls with Vicky Etherington where you can receive support with implementing the technology necessary to run your Coaching Business
  • Support via a Dedicated Private Support Group where you can post questions at any time during the three months and receive support as well as connect with other participants.

You’ll Also Receive These Amazing Bonuses…

Bonus 1:

Passive Income Inner Circle – 8 Module Programme

For those of you who would love to generate a passive income by turning your 1:1 or group programme into an online course, then you will LOVE this bonus. The Passive Income Inner Circle is your comprehensive step by step guide to Researching, Creating, Promoting, Launching and Selling your Online Course.

Bonus 2:

We know how important it is to have the right graphic design to promote your Coaching business, so all our Client Attraction Academy students receive the graphic design for their Facebook Adverts for free, designed by our graphic designer Steven.

What Our Clients Say About This Programme…

Nicola Williams

“Before joining this programme I’d struggled to find suitable clients despite working very hard. This programme helped me to gain 3 new clients for my 1:1 90 Day coaching programme making me £4,500 in income!”

Nicola Williams, Boundaries & Assertiveness Coach
Joan O'Connell

"When I started the programme I was really struggling to know how and where to market my Relationship & Life Coaching service to get new clients.  I knew I should be blogging, Facebooking, doing webinars and so on but how to figure out the technology and put it all together was really daunting.  Shelley took everybody on the programme through the process step by step. During the programme I built my email list to 100+, learned how to create and track Facebook Ads and even wrote, created and delivered my first webinar.  Shelley is hugely knowledgeable when it comes to all things marketing, has all the technical knowledge and is so supportive and yet will challenge you to really put your best possible self forward to achieve success. I would really recommend working with Shelley and have now joined Shelley’s Mastermind Programme."

Joan O'Connell, Relationship Coach
Kalyani Ma Mukti

“I have now signed up my 6th client onto my 3 month 1:1 Reclaim Yourself tailored programme, and am fully booked with clients until January. Thank you Shelley for showing me the way and giving me the confidence I could do it”

Kalyani Ma Mukti, Totality Therapy Coach
Claire Wright

"Before I joined the Client Attraction Academy I was struggling to attract the right people to my business, now I feel I have the right formula to do so and am more confident about the prospect of selling my programme"

Claire Wright, Health Coach
Valerie Farragher

“Well, guys, I have done it! I had my call and my new lady agreed to pay what I asked 1,200 for 12 weeks coaching. She is someone I am excited to be working with. I can’t thank Shelley, her team and the group enough for all the help with my money blocks. I’ll never forget this as long as I live….xxx”

Valerie Farragher, Alcohol Management Coach
Simone Gilbert

"I was in a place where I needed some help demystifying how to market my business. What I really appreciated about the Client Attraction Academy was; being guided to find out what the Soul of my business is, discovering who my ideal clients are and being helped to develop a marketing tool that I know how to use to market my business and I am confident about using. I also feel I have connected with a beautiful guide, mentor and soul. You are everything you say you are and you do everything you say you are going to do. So long as your students "do the work" then they the results will come and will speak for themselves."

Simone Gilbert, Health Coach

Ready To Attract Clients
& Grow A Thriving Coaching Business?

If you are ready to step up with your business and start living your dreams, then make sure you book in a call with me and my team to discuss joining our Client Attraction Academy.

We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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