If you know that you need to be active on social media to engage with your ideal clients, then you’ll probably be wondering how you can plan your social media marketing without becoming completely overwhelmed.

I hear Solopreneurs lament regularly about how much time it takes to maintain an active presence on social media. They are often equally frustrated that for all their social media marketing efforts they don’t see this bringing in the new clients and sales they desire.

So, to follow on from my blog Do you need a social media presence for your business?  this blog gives you the low down on how to plan your social media marketing on Facebook effectively so that it does translate into leads, new customers and those all-important sales (without you getting burnt out!).



The first step is to identify your objective for your Facebook Marketing. What would you like to achieve by marketing your business on Facebook? Is it more new leads and enquiries, sales of a particular product, engagement with existing and new customers or brand awareness?



The second step is identifying the different ways you want to market your business on Facebook. Here are some of the options:

  1. Facebook Business Page
  2. Facebook Advertising
  3. Facebook Live videos
  4. Facebook Events
  5. Facebook Groups


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The third step is to evaluate which of the ways that you can carry out social media marketing on Facebook is important for your business. In my view, it is essential to have a Facebook Business Page at the very least because this gives your business a presence on Facebook. You can invite people to like your page and then you can post regularly on your page and this gets shown in the feeds of your fans.

The advantage of also having a Facebook Group is that this is a deeper way than a Facebook Page for you to engage with your ideal clients and potential customers and build relationships. It is also very handy for doing market research.

Facebook is keen to promote video on their platform and Facebook Lives have taken off, so if you aren’t yet using the Facebook Live feature then I recommend that you do consider it. Videos of anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes can be a great way to relay valuable information to your potential customers and then drive them to your website to make a purchase or enquiry about your services.

If you host live events then you will want to make use of the Facebook Events tool, which you can set up for your event and then invite all the fans of your business page to join. Of course, you can also share about your Facebook Event page on other social media platforms, and once again this allows you to engage with prospective attendees of your event before the event happens.

Finally, if you aren’t already using it I would highly recommend considering Facebook Paid Advertising as part of your Facebook Marketing toolkit to gain new leads, customers and generate sales.


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The fourth step is to plan out how you will achieve your objectives through each of the different mediums available for marketing on Facebook.

Here are some tips that will help you with this planning stage:

  • At the end of each month create a social media marketing plan for what you want to achieve with your facebook marketing the following month and plan out the content in terms of posts for your page or group and adverts that you will run on specific days through the month.
  • Then schedule all the posts and advertising you plan on doing in one go. You can set it in advance and it will only appear on the dates specified. You can even do this with your paid advertising. This will greatly reduce the amount of time and confusion you feel if you are posting each day through the month.
  • Review and analyse how your latest month’s facebook marketing has performed at the end of each month. You’ll find it helpful to keep a spreadsheet to chart the results of each of the marketing activities you are doing. This way you can see if your marketing is effective or not and make better informed decisions about the type of content, issues and services or products you offer that your ideal clients are interested in.

You are now armed with what you need to be able to plan out your social media without getting overwhelmed – best of luck!

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Shelley Hutchinson

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