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One of the biggest struggles budding Online Course launchers have that hinders their ability to launch an Online Course is not knowing how to put it together.

That’s where you’ll find this post will help! ….I’ve put together my 3 step process to creating an irresistible Online Course:

Step 1: Pick the RIGHT Subject to teach

Picking the right subject to teach means making sure that you are teaching a subject that is going to result in increasing your happiness in your work life and giving you the outcomes you are looking for in terms of more time, income and freedom.

The first and most important step is to make sure you teach the right subject. It is useful to consider that when you launch an online course you are really launching an online business, so you need to think about launching an online course in the same field as you want to be in in say, 3 year’s time.

I would not advise picking a topic of your course as a field you are trying to exit.

You can typically charge more for courses which are business to business than those that are business to consumer.

The 80:20 rule applies to information businesses, 80% of your revenue is likely to come from your upsells (i.e. your other premium services in the same field) and 20% of your revenue will come from your online course. This is because online courses are usually priced significantly lower than 1:1 services or group programmes.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Where do you want to be in 3 years time?
  • Is your vision for where you want to be in 3 years time in alignment with one or more of your ideas?
  • Do you already have or will you want to add upsells in the same area as your online course to your business services?

The best subject to teach is the area that you want to develop a business in for the long term and you have or will be able to offer upsells that relate to this area.

As a double check now ask yourself, “Are you passionate about teaching this subject?”.

If the answer is “yes” then you are ready to move onto step 2.


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Step 2: Make sure your course contains key educational components

In order to make sure your online course is a huge success include these following key educational components:

Big Transformation: your online course leads students to have a big transformation that significantly moves them forward in their understanding and application of the subject matter you are teaching and leads them to achieve their desired outcomes

Problem Solving: your online course helps to solve your students’ biggest problems

Co-Created and Responsive: rather than preparing your entire course before you start teaching it, it is useful to run a pilot programme and prepare your course content whilst you teach the course. This way you truly ensure your material is responding to what your students’ need to know and providing the educational experience they need.

Provides Support: it is rare that people can learn solely from videos or instruction manuals without any type of support. What can take a programme from being merely okay to being an exceptional programme is the support that is offered with the online course. This could be in the form of a private online group, email autoresponders or even some 1:1 sessions.

Encourage Your Students To Take Action: people learn by reflecting on and implementing the theory they are absorbing so to concretise your students’ practical understanding of the subject matter it is useful to set specific weekly actions for them to take that will help them to apply their learning, and this is more likely to result in them raving about your course!

Step 3: Plan out your online course

We all want to guarantee that our online courses lead our students to having the big transformation that they are seeking. Planning out your online course at the beginning can make this inevitable.

Why is this important? Well if you don’t plan out how your online course is going to lead your students from where they are now to where they want to be then your online course will not be effective, and ultimately your students will go away disappointed.

If you follow my steps not only will your students love your online course, they will want to come back and do more courses with you (and these could even be your upsells!).

So how can you plan out your online course…?


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Simply follow this process:

  • Visualise your ideal student for your online course and write down what you discover.
  • Identify the biggest problem that your ideal students has
  • Get clear on the big transformation that your ideal student is seeking from studying your online course
  • Write down the topics they need to know to be able to get from where they are now to where they want to be
  • Decide on the transformation that you will deliver – take an A4 Sheet and write down where your students are when they start your course on the left, and where they want to be when they finish your online course on the right
  • Plot the sequence of knowledge, information and skills your students need to learn to get from where they are now to where they want to be onto this A4 sheet
  • Add into your course plan the actions that your students will complete each week in order to implement their learning as they progress through your course
  • Decide on the support that your students need that you will provide to help them achieve their desired transformation in the quickest time possible
  • What formats will you deliver your online course through so students of all learning types will have an amazing learning experience?

Now you can bring all your answers together to develop your Course Proposal!

If you would like an hour of my time for free to plan out your Online Course, apply for an Online Course Planning Session with me by clicking here: https://www.clientnectar.com/apply

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