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This article reveals my proven 4 step proven process that you can implement to generate tons of appointments with quality prospects through Linkedin in just 5 minutes per day.

Right now the best way for Coaches to rapidly generate appointments that they can convert into clients is through Linkedin.  A key reason why Linkedin has emerged as the best platform to use for lead generation is because this platform is focused on helping professionals establishing real connections and relationships with other professionals.

The other benefit I’ve seen with Linkedin over other platforms is the level of openness that professionals have on Linkedin to connecting with other professionals who can help them with issues they want to solve.

If you are thinking that Linkedin is really only going to work for B2B Coaches such as Career Coaches, Leadership Coaches & Business Coaches then think again. Many B2C Coaches I work with such as; Health Coaches, Life Coaches & Mindset Coaches are successfully using my Linkedin system to generate appointments and clients.

So, here are are my four key steps to start generating appointments and clients through Linkedin – these steps will work for you even if you are new to coaching:

Step 1 – Optimise Your Profile

The secret to optimising your Linkedin profile is to treat it like you would your website. You want your ideal clients to click onto your profile and immediately understand that you are the best person who can help them solve their problems. You want your ideal clients to finish reading your profile feeling reassured that you are who you say you are. And that you are someone they not only want to connect with but who they want to speak with.

There are six elements to your Linkedin Profile that I would focus on optimising, these are:

  1. Your Banner
  2. Your Photo
  3. Tag Line
  4. Summary
  5. Recommendations
  6. Work Experience

(Look out for my upcoming Optimise Your Profile blog for more details on how to optimise your Linkedin profile so that it grabs the attention of your ideal clients.)

Step 2 – Find Your Audience on Linkedin

Once you have optimised your Linkedin profile the next step is to find your audience on Linkedin. For this you need to sign up to Linkedin Premium. You will get the first 30 days for free and thereafter it costs around £60 per month, which is well worth it believe me!

When you sign up for Linkedin Premium make sure you choose the “Sales Option” so that you get access to Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator gives you the ability to search for your ideal clients using their advanced search filters. There are search filters for; keywords, industry, job title, geographical location, Linkedin membership, company, and much more. So, you can drill down your search so ONLY your ideal clients are featured in the search list.

Step 3 – Rapidly Build Your Linkedin Connections

Now you are ready to start building your Linkedin connections through reaching out to those on your list of ideal clients that you have created in Sales Navigator. I recommend that you don’t simply request to connect but that you send a message along with your connection request. This will lead you to get many more people accepting your connection request.

Make sure you keep your message short and sweet as there are only a few characters that you can include in your message. So just focus on the fact you are interested in getting to know they better, who you help and what you do, and finally ask if they would be interested in having a chat.

Once your connection accepts your connection request you then want to follow up with a second message if they haven’t already requested having a call with you. In this message you can go into a bit more detail than your first message, yet still keep it to three short paragraphs, and of course ask them if they would like to have a chat with you.

Work through your list and send your initial message and connection request to each person on your list in turn. You will need to send at least 100 messages and connection requests to expect to get a request for a chat with you.

Step 4 – Set Up Appointments

The final step is to set up the appointments with those people who message you in your Linkedin inmail to say they would like to speak. I would do this the old-fashioned way rather than sending them a link to your online scheduler. It’s much more personal and has a much higher rate of people arranging the appointment. Then all that is left is to have a great call with your potential client!

The great thing is there are no advertising costs, no complex tech set up or PPC advertising to get right, and no risk… just direct connecting with your ideal clients. What could be better?

Need help with gaining appointments through Linked?

I’d love to help you get Linkedin working for you so you have as many appointments as you want with quality prospects for your Coaching work.

So make sure you apply to have a Linkedin Strategy Session with me, and you’ll receive my 1:1 help with:

  • Optimising Your Linkedin Profile so that you stand out from the crowd
  • Creating a clear Linkedin Strategy that you can implement straight away to start generating appointments and clients

To take me up on this offer, simply book your free 1:1 Linkedin Strategy Session here: Book your Free Linkedin Strategy Session

As these sessions are very valuable, there are only a few sessions available each month, so make sure you book yours now.

I look forwards to supporting you!

With love,



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