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If you are a Coach, Consultant or Therapist, then you should consider launching a Mastermind programme.

This is especially suitable for you if you would like to bring together a small community of highly committed, likeminded individuals and want to be able to work deeply with them to help them achieve their goals.

There are numerous benefits to your business that having a Mastermind programme brings. These range from the boost it will give to your business revenue, to the fact that it offers a way to provide ongoing support to clients of yours. Watching your clients’ transformations over a year or more, can be incredibly fulfilling.

Here are five of my top reasons for launching a Mastermind programme:


Reason No. #5 – Personal Fulfilment

If you love facilitating groups then working deeply over an extended period with clients to help them achieve their goals, is perfect for you.

Given your Mastermind group is likely to last for a year or more, the relationships that you can develop with the individuals in your Mastermind group will go far deeper than the relationships you can develop on shorter programmes.

Meeting regularly will mean that you will form close relationships with your Mastermind students, as they will with each other.

You will have the opportunity to support your participants through the difficult times when their mindset blocks are hindering their ability to achieve their business visions, and to celebrate their successes with them.

Simply put – there is no other programme that offers this depth of connection.


Reason No #4 – You’ll Help Clients Transform Their Lives

Your Mastermind programme will enable you to witness your participants’ journey over twelve months or more (I’ve been in the same Mastermind programme with my mentor for close to two years!).

Having this length of time with your participants allows your participants the opportunity to gain a much bigger transformation to their life, business or work than they could on a shorter programme.

For you as a facilitator getting to know your students so much more deeply can help you to support them with their mindset issues more effectively.

Often the main reason why people join a Mastermind programme is to have someone tsupport them with strengthening their mindset so they can achieve the goal that is the focus of your Mastermind programme.


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Reason No #3 – You’ll Boost Your Business Revenue

Imagine what impact it would have on your business if you could bring in $100,000 in one go. Well, this is possible when you launch a Mastermind group.

The investment to join a Mastermind groups is usually between $9,000 and $20,000 for a year. So, if you have 10 participants then you would be bringing in $90,000 to $200,000 for this one programme.

This revenue could double or triple your existing revenue that your business is making, and considerably increase the amount of revenue you are generating per client.

Don’t forget the administration cost for this programme could be considerably less than your other programmes and services because you have a smaller number of clients to look after than you would with sales of your cheaper programmes.


Reason No #2 – You Get To Work With Highly Committed Clients

When your ideal clients commit to a Mastermind programme they know they are making a significant investment. This means that your programme is likely to attract the highly committed, action takers to invest in it.

These are the best clients to work with because they take responsibility for their own results and are willing to put in the effort to realise their dreams.

You will find it a delight to work with these clients because these clients are engaged and hungry to learn from you.


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Reason No #1 – You’ll Share Your Gifts & Gain Expert Status

Of course, the most important reason for having a Mastermind programme is to share your gifts and expertise with those who need your help.

I’m sure that if you want to launch a Mastermind programme this is your primary motivation for doing so…..you truly desire to be able to make the biggest difference to the lives of your ideal clients and you are deeply passionate about creating a vehicle that allows you do this.

What you’ll find is that your Mastermind participants will become your biggest fans, and they will spread the word of your gifts with others.

This will help to put your business on the map and bring you more likeminded, highly committed clients. A Win-Win in my book!


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Shelley Hutchinson

“Together we can make your business dreams a reality!”

Shelley Hutchinson is founder of Client Nectar, she combines mindset coaching, with online marketing and heart-centred selling to provide Coaches and therapists with powerful, easy to follow and life changing business and marketing programmes.

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