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Would you love to know what is working right now that is helping Coaches to attract high-paying clients every single day? Yes? Then this article will reveal the 5 steps you must implement straight away to consistently attract high-paying clients you love working with. This article is a must read for you especially if you have been struggling with any of the following:

  • Attracting the wrong clients?
  • Getting tons of low quality leads coming onto calls with you
  • People want to work with you but can’t afford to?
  • Not gaining high-paying clients that you want to work with?
  • Frustrated your Facebook Ads have stopped converting and suddenly become so expensive?

Attract high-paying clients every single day with my 5-step formula..

There have been so many changes in online marketing in the past year that it is not a surprise that you are confused about what marketing approach to implement to attract high-paying clients. I totally understand but I also want you to know that there is a solution to the problems you are encountering and I’ve put together a step by step process that you can follow. Simply read on to learn the 5 steps you must implement to attract the right clients fo you this year:

Step 1 – Live Your Message

You need to get in touch with your deeper purpose for growing your coaching business. Ask yourself what the difference is that you want to make to your client’s lives and to the world as a whole?

By knowing your purpose, you’ll feel inspired to grow your business because you want to leave a legacy and not just because you want to earn a living. I know from experience that living your message will bring you the fulfilment in your work that you’ve always dreamt of and much much more!

Step 2 – Build Your Audience

You need to find your tribe online and bring them into your online audience. I still recommend building your online audience on Facebook despite the problems Facebook has had lately, because it is an amazing platform for rapidly growing an online audience.

Make sure you advertise your Facebook page and group to pages that you know your audience likes so you can rapidly gain thousands of fans, followers and members for your Facebook Group who are your ideal clients.

Step 3 – Engage Deeply With Your Audience

Your audience is so over being mass marketed at…what they want is for you to take the time to engage with them deeply. They want you to show you understand their struggles, fears and hopes for their lives, businesses, relationships or future.

Engaging with your audience is easy..and can be done through your blog posts, FB Page Posts, FB Lives/ Videos, Challenges, Leadmagnets or Webinars etc..

The key thing here is to engage consistently. Create a plan of what posts/videos/blogs you will send out daily, weekly, monthly and stick to it!

I recommend you focus on posts at least 3 times per week to your page/ group plus one video and blog each week, which you post to your page and group.

Make sure you boost your posts with your blog and video to your fb fans, mailing list etc..so all your online tribe gets to see them because this consistent engagement will help your audience become more informed about their problem and the solution to their problem.

They will also see you as their trusted adviser and when they come onto calls with you they are ready to buy….you’ll say goodbye to all those calls with low quality leads who were just fishing for free information!

Step 4 – Automate Your Webinars

“Live Webinars Are Dead!”

This means you now need to be using “automated webinars” which will give you some key benefits:

  • They will increase your attendance rates from 10% to 75%
  • Given increasing Facebook Ad costs this will make better use of your Facebook Ad Spend
  • Automated Webinars run every day, so you can get calls booked with potential clients every single day!

If you have being doing live launches every month like me then you’ll be sighing with relief!

Step 5 – Collaborate With Referral Partners

My Dad always used to say to me, “No man is an island!”

I believe that we are far stronger when we stop seeing other Coaches as competition and start coming together.

Collaborating is the name of the game for any Coaches who want to be successful in 2018. You can do this by setting up Joint Ventures with other Coaches and by having a referral reward scheme for your clients when they refer clients to you.

How can you get this formula working in your business?

I’ve got this formula working in my business right now, and in my students’ businesses, and it’s helping them to attract clients they love and make a global impact.

If you’d like to get this formula working for you, then book a call with me..I will help you:

  • Identify your powerful message that will attract high-paying clients to you
  • Exactly what you need to do to adapt your business to the recent changes in online marketing
  • Create your High-Paying Client Action Plan that will have you bringing high quality leads who are ready to buy onto calls with you,

Simply click on the link below to book in your call with me,

>>Book Your High-Paying Clients Call Here<<

Let’s take your business to the next level!


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