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Are you ready to make your Coaching Business fly but the only thing missing is that you don’t know how to attract clients?

Would you love a simple process you can follow that will lead you to attract your ideal clients to your Coaching Business?

Yes, well you are going to want to read on as in this article I will be guiding you through my 5 Essentials Steps to Attracting Clients For Your Coaching Programmes.

These steps are the exact steps I have used to build my Coaching Business from scratch to multiple six figures...so I know they work!


Step 1: Get Clear On Exactly What You Should Sell & What Niche To Choose To Attract Clients

This is often the first stumbling block that coaches have. They don’t know what they really should be selling or what their niche is. Often I find that Coaches simply pick a niche at random because they have heard this is what they should do.

The problem is this leads them to feel uncomfortable when they speak to people about their services. Can you relate to this?

What I have found is that the niche you need to pick needs to be in alignment with your expertise and talents.

To get clear on what your expertise is (and what you should be selling) ask yourself the following questions:

What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your life?

What have you learnt from these challenges?

What skills and expertise have you gained from overcoming these challenges?

Are there any areas that you feel passionately about helping others with?

Do any of the areas connect with your coaching work that you are doing now?

Who are the clients that you can best help with your expertise and what are their problems?

Choosing the right niche and offer for your expertise is the first step in knowing how to attract clients to your coaching business. So you will want to make sure you get this right.

Step 2: Create Your Irresistible Coaching Programme

Now for the fun bit. You need to put together a “package” for your services. For those of you unsure by what I mean by “package”, this is where instead of selling one off sessions, you build a series of sessions that you will sell as a package. You might sell 6, 12 or more sessions as part of your package.

I recommend starting with a package of 12 weekly one hour sessions if you are working 1:1 with clients. I call this a 90 Day Programme. The reason this works is that three months is long enough for your ideal clients to have a breakthrough with their problem but not so long that it will feel too much for them to commit to.

A package of sessions on its own is not enough to be irresistible to your ideal clients. You need to consider what your ideal clients’ biggest problems are and what the best solution would look like that would help them solve their problems.

Your 1:1 programme needs to provide the “solution”. When it does this, your ideal clients will be clamouring to work with you. Importantly they will value your service so highly that they will want to pay whatever you charge for this programme.


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Step 3: Create A LeadMagnet

If you don’t know what a Leadmagnet is, it is a piece of valuable information such as an Ebook, Resource Guide, Fact Sheet, Blueprint, Webinar or Video.

The leadmagnet you create needs to have a strong title and content so it appeals to your ideal clients. Make sure you keep the title simple and focused on the problem your ideal clients want to overcome.This way it will be appealing to your ideal clients.

You will want to share your most valuable information in your leadmagnet whether that be a webinar, ebook or something else. Your leadmagnet should help your ideal clients gain an idea of how they can solve their problem.

Don’t forget to include in your leadmagnet a way that your ideal clients can get in touch with you more if they need more help (which they will!).

Step 4: Promote Your LeadMagnet To Build Your Email List & Generate Appointments

There are lots of free ways you can start to build your email list with your leadmagnet, e.g.

Post a link to an opt-in page for your Leadmagnet into various Facebook Groups, share on other social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Create an opt-in box on your website so people can sign up to your Leadmagnet.

But you will find that whilst this brings you a few new leads and emails, it is incredibly time-consuming and slow.

If you really want to build your email list fast then you are going to want to use Facebook Marketing to promote your Leadmagnet to your ideal clients.

Let me give you some statistics…in just three weeks I built an entirely new email list of over 1500 subscribers for my company by using this strategy!

I created two leadmagnets; a 3-page guide and a webinar and spent a total of $2000 on Facebook Ads promoting these Leadmagnets. These ads directly led me to generate $35,000 in sales that month, and contributed to a further $10,000 in sales in the following months.

From those who attended my webinars, I had over 50 appointments booked in with prospective clients. I managed to convert 20 of those to clients. So from $2,000 in marketing spend I made $45,000 in revenue. This is 22 times as much as I spent on the ads. In my books that is result!!

The phrase, “spend it to make it” is very appropriate when it comes to Facebook Marketing! It just shows you how powerful getting in front of your ideal clients is.


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Step 5: Be 100% authentic on your appointments and convert potential prospects with ease

If you typically find yourself lacking the confidence to make an offer to prospects on your free consultation calls then this is usually because you have not worked through the steps I outlined above.

Having worked through the first four steps you will also be much less likely to struggle when you get to this stage.

In fact, you will be excited to get on the phone with your prospects because you will be keen to help them.

One of the things I have learnt about handling calls with prospects is the more you can let go of your attachment to a particular outcome (generally that is the outcome where the person decides to buy your services) the more you can be present and be of service to the person you are speaking to.

It is understandable to find yourself getting anxious about getting the outcome you want when you are needing to pay the bills. However, it is really important to stay calm.

Your potential clients can feel it if you are anxious about making a sale on the call with them. and they will be more likely to feel as though you are pressurising them to buy.

What you are looking for are to find those people who you can do your best work with. As you get more experienced with doing these calls it becomes easier to recognise when you are a good match for the person you are talking to.


Need help with attracting clients to your Coaching Business?

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