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Our incredibly supportive 12-month mastermind provides you with the blueprint, accountability and personalized support you need to accelerate your business growth to six figures and beyond. 

If you are ready to…

• Accelerate your business growth to six figures and beyond this year with consistent $10k to $20k months

• Have a powerful business, brand and message that stands out from the crowd and makes a real difference in the world

• Have signature programs with a progression pathway that means your clients work with you time and time again

• Create and launch high-ticket group programs that leverage your time and energy, so you can make more whilst working less

• Embrace your immense potential and power, creating the abundant business and life you have always wanted in record time…

…then Accelerate Mastermind is a fit for you!

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The truth is that growing your business does not have to be

so hard and confusing..


…but it might feel this way for you right now. 

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list and struggling to prioritise your time. 

Or maybe you feel that even though you are having some success with your business, you don’t feel rewarded for all your efforts.

Deep down you know you are capable of so much more and have a burning desire to make a bigger impact and income.

If this sounds familiar – then I get it… 

I’ve been where you are – it took me 9 years and three businesses to finally hit six figures

…because for the first 8 years I didn’t get any support, and didn’t have any business mentoring.

In my 9th year I hired three business mentors and that’s when my business really took off. 

If you want to enjoy extraordinary growth with your business then you

need support, and that’s what we provide on this program…

Gained 5 high-ticket clients in 10 weeks

In the first 10 weeks Adele gained 5 high-ticket clients and then designed and launched her Get Gorgeous High-Ticket Group Program which she has been able to fill consistently. At the end of her year on this mastermind Adele made a significant profit for the first time ever in her coaching business.
Adele Stickland, Health Coach   

Made 3 times more income with a lot less stress

During her year on this mastermind Vicky transitioned from being a consultant to starting her coaching business and launching her Website Bootcamp high-ticket group program. In her own words she, “made 3 times more income with a lot less stress”. Vicky has a very well established business now making over six figures each year and is well -known as The Website Mentor.
Vicky Etherington, The Website Mentor  

Finally got membership site to convert and gain new members

During Janice’s time on this mastermind she was able to turn this around by getting clearer on the exact pain points of her ideal clients, redoing her webinars and finally getting her webinars and membership site to convert and gain new members.

Janice Tucker, Space To Relax

Made over $12,000 on her first program launch

With Shelley’s help Lara launched her first group program and made over $12,000. Lara then decided to join our mastermind and went on to launch this group program three times, wrote her first book “Money Manifestation Mastery” and was on track to make six figures. Lara has established herself as a very well-known healer for leaders, entrepreneurs.

Lara Waldman, Abundance Activator

“Can you relate to Adele, Vicky, Lara or Janice’s situation before they started working with us? If you can then we’d love to help you, so join now by clicking the button below…”

Introducing Accelerate Mastermind

This 12 month group program provides you with the blueprint, accountability, support and encouragement you need to accelerate your business to six figures and beyond in one year. With direct access to Shelley and her team of Coaches, you’ll have the support you need to achieve your goals with ease.

No more feeling confused and overwhelmed trying to figure it out on your own! You’ll be part of a community of advancing, brave and heart-centred entrepreneurs so you’ll no longer feel isolated and instead be surrounded by peers cheerleading you on as you step outside of your comfort zone and achieve your big goals.

In your sessions with Shelley and her Coaches you’ll experience a space where you feel safe to be vulnerable and share what is true for you, so you can finally embrace your true brilliance, step into your full potential and make an extraordinary impact and income with your business this year.

Here’s how Accelerate Mastermind works:

Getting Started Action Plan 

When you join, you’ll be asked to complete our business questionnaire and then you’ll have a 1:1 coaching session with one of our Coaches to plan out your action plan for the first 90 days

1-2 Weekly Group Coaching Calls For Entire Year

You’ll benefit from 1-2 weekly group coaching calls with Shelley and her Coaches on key topics including business strategy, marketing, mindset, lead generation, sales and tech

Access to Six Figure & Beyond Blueprint Programs

You’ll receive access to the six programs that make up our six figure and beyond business blueprint; Monetise Your Expertise, Linkedin Quality Leads Formula, High-Ticket Group Programs, Webinars That Sell, Authentic 1:1 Selling Secrets and Six Figure + Mindset.

These programs will teach you the knowledge, skills and tools you need to exponentially grow your business through leveraging your time, energy, marketing and mindset.

90 Day Planning Sessions Every Quarter

These quarterly 90-day planning sessions with Shelley will help you shift any feelings of overwhelm, get in touch with your goals and give you a clear roadmap of the tasks and actions you need to take to achieve these goals. Following this roadmap will make your business success inevitable

Masterminding Days Every Quarter

These mastermind days with Shelley will give you a space to voice your biggest challenges that are holding you back with growing your business and receive advice from both Shelley and your peers on how to solve your biggest challenge and get growing again. This will result in tangible results for you and your business.


If you are struggling to hold yourself accountable with completing the tasks that will lead you to achieve your big goals then you’ll benefit from the accountability that we have built into this program. You’ll find our weekly accountability form helps both you and your coaches to track your progress and make sure you stay on track.

You’ll also be invited to partner up with a peer on this program and have regular peer accountability calls with them

Dedicated Private Support Group For Entire Year

As a Mastermind Member you get access to our Mastermind Only Dedicated Private Support Group, where you can post questions at any time and receive support from our team of Coaches, as well as connect with other Mastermind participants.

Emma Murphy, MIACP

Founder of The Eating Freely Emotional Eating Program & Opal Success CPD Training Company

“I made $125k whilst on the mastermind, and I took 2 months vacation!”

“When I joined Shelley’s Mastermind program I was also working as a counsellor charging $75 on a session by session basis. Even though I was fully booked with clients I didn’t feel rewarded enough financially for what I was putting in. I also had two online courses but really had no idea how to put a reliable sales funnel in place for them – in fact I didn’t even know what “sales funnel” meant. I knew I wasn’t reaching my ideal clients. I wanted to rely less on my counselling 1:1 work and start generating more passive income. It is the accountability that I have had being part of the Mastermind program that I have found most supportive. When you work for yourself it is too easy to procrastinate and avoid tasks you don’t like. Having to report to Shelley with my goals and the tasks I have executed has helped me achieve them. I found it massively helpful receiving Shelley’s guidance on how all the little actions I am taking lead to the bigger goals being achieved. With Shelley’s help I now have a far better sales process in place for my online courses and am generating sales.  I went from charging $60 per session to creating and launched my Eating Freely 12 week 1:1 program and then my Eating Freely High-Ticket Group Program and gained clients for both. The best bit is I am making double the income from my programs than I used to from my business, and I have a marketing system in place constantly bringing me new clients – no more hit and miss marketing. Even though I took 8 week vacation this summer, I made $125k in my business!”

Join The Accelerate Mastermind Program…

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Here’s what’s included in this program: 


• 1-2 Weekly Group Coaching Calls (worth $18,000)


• 4 x 90 Day Planning Sessions (worth $3,000)


• 4 x Quarterly Masterminding Days (worth $3,000)


• Access to 6 x Six Figure & Beyond Blueprint Programs (worth $10,500)


• Accountability (worth $500)


• Dedicated Private Support Group (worth $500)


The total value of this program is $35,500




Join now and you’ll receive 75% discount and can get started for as little as $799 for 12 months or single instalment of $8297.


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You’ll get everything that is in the Accelerate Mastermind program plus 1:1 coaching sessions with Shelley every month whilst you are on this program
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does this program start?
This program is running already so you can join at any time. That said if you are ready to accelerate your impact and income what better time is there to join than now?
Where do I need to be to be eligible for Accelerate Mastermind?
You can join this program if you have recently started your business or if you already have an established business. All you need is the desire to accelerate your impact and income with your business this year

How much time will I need to spend on this program?
We recommend you spend 4 to 5 hours each week on this program. This includes the time you will need to watch a training module each week and attend group coaching calls
Will this program work for me?
What you will be learning is my proven blueprint to take your business to six figures and beyond in one year or less. I’ve taught this process to many business owners with great success as you can see from the testimonials. I am not going to lie, it will take dedication for you to apply my six figure and beyond blueprint to your business, yet with our guidance, support and encouragement you will advance your business faster and with more ease than you ever imagined.
I’m not sure I can afford this program?
If you are worried about making this investment, I totally understand, and yet I know that by making this investment you are going to open yourself to receiving this amount of investment or even more from your clients as well as the opportunity to make your investment back many times over. It’s important to reflect on how you have been getting on trying to go it alone with your business. If it’s not been going the way you want or you want to progress faster then, the real question to ask yourself is “Can you afford not to say “Yes” to yourself and receive the support you need to achieve your goals” We offer an instalment option for this program so you can spread the investment for this program over 12 months, making it accessible and affordable. In most cases gaining just one client every two or more months will more than cover the cost of these monthly instalments.
I’ve invested in other programs that haven’t worked, what makes this program different?
If you have tried other programs before and found they haven’t worked for you, we understand and get that you might be feeling nervous about investing again.    As a former University Lecturer and Psychotherapist, Shelley knows exactly what training and support you need to achieve your goals fast and has created the Accelerate Mastermind program to provide this.   We can promise that on this program you will be deeply support you in a way that you have never experienced before. Inspiring you and surrounding you with other like-minded Future Thought-Leaders – with our help you will stop dreaming about the success you want and instead finally realise your best self, business and life.
How will I receive accountability on this program?

We have several ways we have built accountability into this program. Here are just a few; once a week you’ll have an accountability form to complete, so both you and your coaches can track your progress and make sure you are staying on track. You’ll also be invited to partner up with a peer on this program and have regular peer accountability calls with them

Have questions you still need answering?

Then book a call with one of our coaches who will support you in answering your questions and

help you explore if this program is right for your needs:

Ready to accelerate your success this year?


This program is for you if you would to be part of an incredibly supportive 12-month mastermind group that will help you accelerate your impact and income this year.

This program is for you if you would like to have 1:1 coaching sessions with Shelley every month in addition to all the other benefits of the Accelerate Mastermind.


I believe in you,

I know you have immense power within you,

You can achieve your business dreams,

Even if you don’t know how yet

So, if you feel:

…a desire to create a bigger impact & income

…willing to engage with this life changing process

…Ready to take your business to the Next Level

Then join the Accelerate Mastermind…

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