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Have you been dreaming of starting a coaching business, letting go of your existing 9 to 5 job and creating your dream work-lifestyle?

Yes?…Then the first step you need to take is to get crystal clear on what your vision for your business is.

Luckily this blog will help you with this, all you need is an open mind, a little time and some paper and pens!

To begin you’ll want to allow yourself to brainstorm all of your ideas and get them on paper. I recommend doing this by creating a “Vision Map”.

Take a blank piece of paper, draw a circle in the center and write the word “Vision” in the circle. Then you’ll want to draw arrows out from this circle to all the different ideas you have for your new adventure..er….I mean business!

If you get stuck at any point simply ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your business going to be online or offline? (I recommend online!)
  • Will you be working on your own or needing a Virtual Assistant?
  • Where will your business be located?
  • Will you work from home or have premises?
  • Who will your ideal clients and customers be?
  • What coaching programmes and services will you be offering?

Your once blank page should now be covered with your creative ideas, dreams, hopes and desires! 

Now you are ready to identify the practicalities of your new business…

For this stage you will find it beneficial to answer the following questions:

  • How many coaching clients would you like to work with?
  • What are the different ways you will earn money from your coaching business?
  • How many hours would you like to work per week in your business?
  • What is your desired income per week, month and year?
  • What do you need to earn per month to cover your living and business expenses?


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With these figures you can then work backwards again and figure out how many clients you will need per week, month and year, in order for you to make your income goals.

Now it is time to step back from your vision for a moment and evaluate how feasible it is for you to make your desired income from your coaching business, given the number of hours you would like to work in your business.

Sometimes, at this stage, there are some small adjustments to make, generally I find that this process helps budding Coaches to see how achievable their dream of working for themselves is.

Feel into how your vision of your business feels to you and ask yourself what impact will making your vision for your business have on you and your life. You’ll be amazed by what arises, it can be useful to write down your insights.

Your motivation for starting your coaching business plays an important role in keeping you focused on bringing your business into reality. So spending some time connecting with your motivation and “big why” for starting your business is essential.

Ask yourself,

  • Why do you want to start your business?
  • What is your passion for this business?
  • Where is it coming from?

I rarely find that Coaches are solely motivated by making money. Yes, making a living can be a motivation because it can bring about fresh opportunities and a lifestyle change that the person is seeking, but it rarely seems to be the primary “big why”.

It is far more common for people to be motivated by a love of what they do and desire to help people. Many people who desire to transition from paid employment to self-employment have a deep wish to enjoy their work, feel fulfilled and even have more freedom and time to pursue other activities and experiences that matter to them.

Whatever your “big why” is give yourself time to get in touch with it, as this will help you stay the course and make your business vision a fully fledged reality.

If you’d love some help in planning out how you can get your Coaching business off the ground – then book in a call with me, Shelley Hutchinson.

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Shelley Hutchinson

“Together we can make your business dreams a reality!”

Shelley Hutchinson is founder of Client Nectar, she combines mindset coaching, with online marketing and heart-centred selling to provide Coaches and therapists with powerful, easy to follow and life changing business and marketing programmes.

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