Would You Like To Learn How To Attract All The Clients You Need And Fill Your Therapy Practice Like Magic?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]So you can stop…

…Sitting in an empty therapy room waiting for prospective clients to call

…Struggling to cover your room rent and bills

…Trying to market yourself, getting the odd client, but finding that nothing really works

…Working in a day job that pays your bills but isn’t your passion[/text_block]

Excited? Keen to hear the solution?

Client Attraction Course

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Our course teaches you the marketing knowledge you need to know in bite sized chunks that even a complete beginner can get to grips with..

9 Module course (over 12 hours of video) includes:

Effective Goal Setting & Planning
Identifying Your Ideal Client & How To Attract Them
Approaching Referral Sources Successfully
Overcoming Confidence Issues
Charging Your Worth
Website Design, Layout & Content
How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Services
Gaining Press & Media Exposure
How To Become The Expert In Your Field

Meditations that will guide you to:

* Gain clarity and confidence in your unique gifts
* Discover who you love working with
* Feel confident that you can make your dreams a reality

Customised Forms & Templates:

Questions to include in your questionnaire
What to write in letters to potential referral sources
What to say to get an appointment when you phone a referral source
How to write blogs that capture your ideal clients attention

Actionable tasks to complete (which will help you implement your marketing strategy and attract clients even before you have completed the course!)[/text_block]

Shine Membership

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Shine Membership gives you access to up-to-date training and support, this includes:

Monthly Tutorials that give you specific marketing training and help you overcome any mindset blocks that are currently holding you back in your practice

Monthly Q & A Sessions where you can ask questions about building your practice and receive feedback from me, Shelley Hutchinson, live on the webinar

Access To Our Dedicated Private Support Group so you can get support from me and connect with other likeminded therapists participating in this programme[/text_block]

VIP Training Day

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]An exclusive ticket to one of our in-person VIP Training Days:

The VIP training day will help you compile your marketing plan so you know exactly what actions you need to take each month to achieve your client attraction and income goals.

Upcoming training days are planned for:

  • Dublin, Ireland – 13th June 2015
  • London, UK – September 2015


Reason One: I Am Just Like You:

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Bona Fide Therapist: I’m an accredited psychotherapist myself, and work in private practice

I’ve Been Where You Are: I know first-hand the challenges involved in attracting clients and creating a successful therapy practice

Passionate: I’m passionate about following my dreams and equally passionate about supporting therapists with theirs[/text_block]

Reason Two: I Am Authentic & Real:

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]When I started my private practice back in 2008 I grew it to a full time practice over the course of a year. Therapists came to me to find out how I achieved this, so in order to help them I started teaching marketing workshops.

A few years later life happened (doesn’t it always!) and I had to stop my practice for nearly two years to address a serious health issue. It was a huge disappointment to let go of my practice but I also learnt an important lesson about valuing my time and energy.

When my health returned I built my practice again, this time I did it in only two months (with a little help from Google!). I made more income and worked less hours because I valued myself more and charged my worth.

Then I had this crazy idea that I could do the marketing for counsellors myself, allowing them to focus on doing their amazing work. I set up an online marketing service (talkingtherapy.ie) to help counsellors gain regular client referrals.

As if that wasn’t enough, last year I decided to start a third business (that’s this one) so I could reach a wider audience and share with therapists of all disciplines worldwide my formula for attracting clients, so they in turn could share their gifts and make their dream therapy practice a reality.

So you might be wondering where my skills in business coaching come from? Going way back I was Course Director of a BA Fashion Marketing degree. In my first month in this role my degree lost its validation (which was very scary), so I developed a new honours level degree programme and got it validated by the Open University (phew!). In the process I honed my skills in how students learn and in creating stimulating courses.

Since then, I have established a proven track record having helped hundreds of therapists build their therapy practices the way they want them to be.[/text_block]

Reason Three: You Will Get To Join These Happy Therapists:

“Over 50 therapists have already completed our programme”

Reason Four: Therapists LOVE This Programme & It REALLY Works!

“Before I started the Client Attraction course I was totally stuck, fearful and wondering why I had ever thought I could follow my dream of working in private practice. I can honestly say this course has changed my life. This course (including the meditations) have helped me overcome some substantial blocks and discover exactly what I am offering and what my areas of expertise are. I am focused, working hard on my new website and marketing material and have clear plan of action for the next 12 months. I feel excited, I would highly recommend this course to anyone building a therapy business.”

Alison Winfield, Counsellor & Healer – Cork, Ireland

“I highly recommend the Client Nectar Client Attraction course. It has helped me immeasurably with my practice. I’ve gained a wealth of new practical knowledge, even though I have five years experience of running a practice. The course is structured in such a way that each module supports your next step forward in taking solid action to attract more high quality fee paying clients and earn more income from your business. I am so much clearer now on the action and direction I need to take in my practice and am very excited by all the new possibilities. Attending this course has been a life changer for me!”

Nicola Williams, Empowerment Trainer – Bristol, UK

“The benefit of the client attraction course for me was knowing that I would have support with developing my practice. This course allowed me to focus on getting myself organised. Shelley’s support, encouragement and availability for feedback via the private facebook group helped me make progress I would not otherwise have made. Connecting with other participants on this course was very beneficial also.”

Mick Devine, Clinical Director at Tabor Lodge – Addiction Treatment Centre – Cork, Ireland

“Participating in the Client Attraction Course has helped me focus more specifically on my approach, attitude and actions that I need to take now in order to move forward to the next level and attract my ideal clients. The modules are fun, relaxed, informative, practical and down to earth. Shelley is very clear in her delivery and is encouraging and supportive. I would recommend this course to anyone who is at the start up stage, or someone who has an established therapeutic practice that wants to give their business some focused attention and TLC in a supportive environment.”

Suzzane Ajame-Singh, Counsellor, Birmingham, UK

“Since taking this course I have attracted lots of new clients from US, Canada and also locally from Cork. The best part of the course is that Shelley infuses it with her heart and soul and a deep caring to see me and the other participants realise our potential.

Isaac George, Spiritual Counsellor & Astrologer, Cork

“I was at a real crossroads before I started the Client Attraction Programme. I felt uncertain and unclear about where to go and at the same time felt like I was running to keep still – doing too many things that weren’t feeding my passion any more with no time to choose where I wanted to go. Completing the Client Attraction Programme has led me to take a total change in my direction and I am now on track with where I really want to go with my business and already opportunities are opening up. At the same time, my past commitments are growing and I am happy to keep those steady as I build up my new direction. It’s left me with a full plate – but I am very happy with that! Thanks ever so much, Shelley. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the input that I have had from you to this point. It has been life-changing!”

Lara Kasza, Accredited Play Therapist, Supervisor & Course Director

Reason Five: It’s Affordable:

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]


Purchase our Client Attraction Programme and you’ll get over €1,200 (that’s $1,300) worth of course materials, training and support for just..


 €400/ $455

(and then €19.99 per month)


Think about it, if you keep going the way you are, will you make your dreams a reality? Or you can try something new and create the life & business you deserve!



[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]• Will this programme work for me?

The client attraction programme is designed for therapists of all disciplines including counsellors, coaches, nutritional therapists, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, kinesiologists, yoga and movement teachers and works equally well for those who see clients 1:1 and those who work with groups.

• Will this programme help me attract clients?

Yes, absolutely, this programme has a proven track record for helping therapists attract clients. It does require you to take action and complete all the homework tasks at the end of each module to attract your ideal clients.

• Is this programme really worth the money?

The total value of all this programme is over €1,200 ($1,300) You can currently access it for far less.

• I’m not sure I can afford this programme

Consider what one new client is worth to you … it is likely that if this course helps you gain just one new client you will more than pay for this course. The reality is if you take the actions set out for you in this course you will gain lots of new clients. The real question is, can you afford not to do this course?

• How long do I have to stay a member for?

There is no tie in period for membership, so once you have paid the first two installments, you can cancel your membership at any time.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]

…You are not truly ready to change your life for the better

…You are not ready to take action and start attracting clients


We Want You To Join If..

You are ready to commit to making your dream therapy practice a reality!