Would You Love to Consistently Attract High Quality Clients to Your Coaching Business Every Single Day?

The Client Generator Program Will Teach You How to Rapidly Generate Appointments with Quality Professional & Corporate Clients

This program is for you if:

  • You are frustrated by attracting the wrong clients, and not knowing how to gain quality individual and corporate clients
  • You are fed up of wasting tons of your precious time, money and energy on advertising, networking, sales funnels and complex systems that don’t work
  • You want to break free of the constant feast and famine cycles in cash flow, and instead rapidly grow your business to 6 or even 7 figures
  • You would love to have as many appointments and clients as you want, so you can focus on your valuable work

“Imagine how your business would be transformed if you could have appointments and clients on tap whenever you want them -this is exactly what The Client Generator provides!”

How this program will benefit you:

This ground-breaking program will completely transform your experience of attracting high quality clients to your business – making it a smooth, simple process so you can gain appointments and clients on demand.

We know that right now you are probably deeply frustrated with the marketing approaches that you have tried. We believe that your time, energy and money is too valuable to be wasting it on advertising, complex sales funnels and constant social media posting. This is why our proven Client Generating system doesn’t require any of these things.

Our proven Client Attraction System is simple to set up and means that you will start generating appointments with quality prospects including Professionals and Corporate clients, within the first few weeks on this program.

We will then focus on helping you refine your messaging to make it even more effective and compelling, and teach you how to handle your appointments with your potential clients in an authentic way that is 100% in alignment with your values and integrity.

You will learn how to take your new potential client (whether they are a  Professional, Team Leader, Manager, or even CEO) from connecting with you to being excited about working with you in just one or two calls.

This means you are likely to gain clients even before you complete this program!

“What you learn in this program is cutting edge marketing and is the foundation you need to successfully grow and scale your business to multiple six figures and beyond”


What You’ll Learn on This Program…


Become An International Authority In Your Field

  • How to position yourself as an authority in your field, consistently at the forefront of your industry
  • How to optimise your Linkedin profile so you stand out to quality prospects
  • How to harness Linkedin’s Social Selling so your ideal clients start contacting you to work with you


Rapidly Generate Appointments with Quality Prospects

  • How to rapidly build your connections on Linkedin with individual and corporate prospects
  • How to generate tons of appointments with quality prospects in a matter of minutes

Authentically Convert Prospects to Clients with Ease

  • How to build a deep rapport with your prospects fast
  • How to create a sales script that will take “cold” prospects from expressing an interest to being ready to buy from you in just one call
  • How to have conversations that sell in a way that feels 100% natural to you
  • How to gain more clients with less work by tracking your prospects, sales and following up


  • You will receive accountability each week on our weekly group coaching calls, so you will not be able to procrastinate or fall behind with this program.
  • You will be part of a small group of likeminded business owners who will be your cheerleaders on your journey to success
  • You will experience support like you have never experienced before on an online coaching program – because your success matters to us!

“We will provide you with a high quality, structured and supportive training program that will help you build your business in the fastest time possible.”

Here’s how this program is delivered…

  • 12 Weeks of Taught Modules delivered by mixture of live webinars and recorded videos that will guide you step by step through our proven process
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Shelley Hutchinson where you can ask questions you have about implementing the actions from the taught modules and receive support with rapidly making your business a success
  • Support via a Dedicated Private Forum where you can post questions at any time during the two months and receive support as well as connect with other participants.

“I left the corporate world 14 years ago and not long after set up my own change consulting and coaching business. Whilst my business was successful and I loved both the nature of my work and being own boss, one of the frustrations year-on-year was the income ceiling that’s inevitable when you are operating under a ‘trading time for money’ model. Despite many attempts to change this, it wasn’t until I met Shelley and began working with her that I finally felt confident that I was in the right place to learn the skills needed to successfully scale my business.

On a personal level I truly admire Shelley’s authenticity, trustworthiness and dedication to her clients. So, whether you want to set up your own coaching/consulting business but haven’t yet made the move, or have already taken that brave leap and are adjusting to the new world of being your own boss, or are like me and have been in business for a while and now want to prioritise and focus on building a scaleable operating model, I recommend Shelley and her team at Client Nectar whole heartedly.”

Mandy Muckalt

Leadership Coach

You’ll also receive this amazing bonus…


Kickstart Your Coaching Business

Kickstart Your Coaching Business will hold your hand through all the important decisions you need to make such as; deciding what your niche is, who your high-paying clients are, how to create your Signature Coaching Program, and how to price your services. If you are planning on using The Client Generator to launch a new offering, program or service, you will find the Kickstart Program will be invaluable in helping you put together your marketing strategy and plan, so that your offer sells itself.

(Full Program is Worth £1500 + VAT)


Read What Our Students Say About This Program…


“The Linkedin lead generation strategy Shelley has devised has been effective yet simple. Setting it up takes minutes and costs are extremely low.

Within 24 hours I had my first lead and within 5 days my diary was becoming full with appointments.

It’s now 10 days and I’ve signed up my first Senior Leader – CEO Client and I have a growing number of people very interested in my program.”

David Stimson

Leadership & Mindset Coach To Senior Leaders


“Working with Shelley has been a game changer for me and my business. Shelley has been instrumental in helping me work with the right clients who will benefit from my gifts.

Since applying Shelley’s Linkedin Strategy I have gained 1300 new Linkedin Connections, held 17 appointments and gained 4 Management Professionals as Clients”

Louise Seabrook Scrase

Leadership & Team Coach For Managers



Ready To Consistently Attract Quality Clients to Your Coaching Business Every Single Day?


If you are ready to step up with your business and start living your dreams, then make sure you book in a call with me to discuss joining The Client Generator…

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