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If you are fed up of wasting time, money and energy on Facebook advertising, setting up complex sales funnels and even blogging, then you need to read this blog post. I’ll be revealing the solution to this problem that very few people know about – yet!

Okay, so I am going to be completely honest here – I built my business using Facebook Marketing. It’s helped me grow Client Nectar from scratch to making nearly 7 figures in sales in less than 4 years.

But the problem is that in the past year Facebook advertising has become too expensive for most Coaches to afford especially if you are just starting out.

For me personally – my ad costs to cold traffic spiralled out of control last year to the point where it wasn’t viable to continue using them.

The alternative approach to advertising on Facebook is to start a Facebook Group. You’ll find plenty of marketing gurus telling you to give masses of value, keep posting free content every day, in the vain hope this will translate into clients.

This approach is far too indirect and time consuming,…plus it leads to the question, “If your FB audience are so used to getting tons of free advice from you – why would they pay to work with you?”

When we also consider the cold hard facts:

  • Facebook’s media publicity over, “Fake News” scandal has caused many more discerning customers aged 30 to 55 years to leave Facebook
  • Facebook is an ageing platform – it’s booming in the over 65 year olds joining Facebook but sharply declining in the younger age groups.
  • Even the multi 7 figure Coaches had seen poor performance with their launches growing 50% less in Sept 2017 than in the previous year

You have to ask the question…“Is Facebook the best platform to attract quality clients anymore?” 

In all honesty my answer has to be, “NO!”

So, what is the solution?

One word….LINKEDIN!

Right now Linkedin is the best way to attract high quality professional clients. Here’s why:

  • NO Advertising cost
  • NO complex sales funnel that takes months to set up
  • NO expensive technology apps

It’s super quick to get set up with Linkedin and start gaining appointments with your ideal professional and/or corporate clients.

I taught my Linkedin strategy to my client David, and in just 3 days and only 15 minutes of his time David had gained 200 new connections and 8 appointments with CEOs. Read what David had to say,

“The lead generation strategy that Shelley has devised through LinkedIn has been effective yet simple. Setting the system up takes minutes and the costs are low, extremely low. The attraction of the system is its ability to enhance natural relationship building between coach and potential clients. Within 24hrs I had my first lead and within 5 days my diary was beginning to become full with appointments. It’s now been 10 days and I’ve signed up my first CEO client.” David Stimson, Leadership & Mindset Coach To Senior Executives

If you are wondering if Linkedin will work for you to attract clients – then the simple answer is “YES”.

You don’t have to be just offering B2B services, it will also work for you to offer B2C. Take a look at some of my B2C clients that Linkedin is working for:

  • Health Coaches working with busy professional women on weightloss issues
  • Mindset Coach helping professionals to shift their limiting beliefs
  • Leadership Coaches to CEOs, Senior Leaders to help them reconnect with their values, master their vision for work and life

Learn how you can get Linkedin working for you to attract your ideal professional and corporate clients by watching my instant webinar, “How to Generate Appointments & Clients Through Linkedin In Just 5 Minutes Per Day”, by clicking the link below:


I don’t want marketing to block you from doing your valuable work!

Be the first to learn how to gain quality clients without the fuss,



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