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What is the bigger game you are here to play with your work and business?

I know you know what it is.

It’s the one thing that feels so right for you…that lights you up when you talk about it,…but you’ve been carefully avoiding stepping out and making it happen.

It’s where your passion is but because of this, it feels even more scary to move forwards with.

“What if it doesn’t work?”, “It’s too risky”, “Far better to stay where I am!”, is what you tell yourself.

But it isn’t comfortable, not really.

Because you aren’t comfortable where you are, you want more, and in your heart of hearts you know you are capable of so much more.

The truth is that you CAN embrace your Bigger Game,

But you will have to change!

You will have to change the way you are comfortably uncomfortable staying in your comfort zone and risk stepping out.

Whatever your dream is, whether it is starting your business or taking your business in a new direction, or scaling up your business and making a bigger income,

You can do it – you just need to have a plan and then work it.

I am here to give you the plan, because like anything in life you want to achieve, there are key steps to making it happen.

Here’s my 5 key steps to step out and play your bigger game…

Step 1 – Make the Decision To Play Your Bigger Game

Your first step is to make the decision that you are going to play your bigger game, no matter what.

You need to make the shift from knowing what you want to do, to being committed to making it happen, no matter what.

Step 2 – Visualise Yourself Playing Your Bigger Game

“If you believe you can do it, you can do it”

Half your battle is really the battle that goes on in your head. Up until now you probably haven’t 100% believed it is possible for you to make your dreams a reality.

That needs to change now.

So, take 5 minutes to visualise yourself doing the work you really want to do with the clients you really want to work with, see yourself going through your day from waking up to going to sleep.

Let your visualisation become REAL, step into and embody this experience. Breath it in 100%.

Then draw an image on paper to represent your bigger game.

You will want to do this visualisation and look back at your drawing at least once a day until you achieve your goal.

Step 3 – Create A Plan

Visualisation alone (or prayer) is not going to magically make your bigger game happen. You must take action and to take action you need a plan!

So, take out a piece of A4 paper and jot down all the steps you need to take to achieve your vision.

You’ll find doing this lessens your fear.

Because small steps are manageable, and suddenly brings your bigger game within reach.

Step 4 –Work Your Plan…and keep on working it no matter what!

The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and do it!

Now is the time that you need to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and step out of your comfort zone to take action, because what you truly want lies outside your comfort zone.

Get started by scheduling your first step into your diary and then make sure you do it.

Once you have taken your first step you will probably wonder why you didn’t do it sooner, which will motivate you to take the second step.

There are likely to be obstacles that come up along the way, it is important to keep an optimistic outlook because obstacles are merely opportunities bringing you closer to what you want.

Simply ask yourself what the obstacle is trying to tell you and what you need to do next to move closer to your goal.

Step 5 – Get Support

Hand on heart, I know that I could not having built my business as fast as I did without the support of amazing mentors that I have worked with.

I had two previous businesses before Client Nectar and I never got above $40k per year in revenue with either of them. I also never had a Mentor when I was working on those businesses.

With Client Nectar I hit six figures in one year, and multiple six figures in year two…in just five years I’ve sold 7 figures in coaching programs.

I worked with three different mentors in my first two years in business. I had one for sales, one for online marketing and one who just gave me the practical “how to be a coach” mentoring, and many more since.

Yes, you can achieve your bigger game without a mentor, but it will most likely take you longer, be more expensive and much more frustrating.


If you’d like help with making your bigger game a reality, then book in call with me. Simply click this link: Book Your Call

I look forward to helping you make your bigger game a reality.

Shelley Hutchinson

“Shelley is the founder of the UK’s leading provider of online business and marketing training to Coaches. An experienced entrepreneur Shelley has helped hundreds of Coaches, Consultants and Therapists to attract High-Paying Clients and Build Highly Profitable Coaching Businesses”
Shelley Hutchinson, Marketing Expert, clientnectar.com


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