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Okay, so I am definitely not hating on B-School. I think B-School is great if you are not sure what type of business you want to start.

But if you are going to part with your hard earned cash you need to know what B-School can help you with and what it is not the best solution for.

So, in this post you will learn exactly why B-School cannot help you grow a wildly profitable coaching business (and what you need that will help you do this!).


Reason 1: You don’t get access to Marie

Buying B-School is an emotionally based decision led by your dream of having the same success as Marie Forleo (or even a fraction of her success!).

The problem is that B-School doesn’t give you access to Marie. Any coaching calls that are offered are with Coaches who haven’t built successful businesses (otherwise they would be working on their own business). So you aren’t working with the right mentor.

You are just a number on B-School, (one of thousands!) Ask yourself…will you really get the individual help you need to to identify your niche, support you through your tech wobbles, get your message out to millions and set up a system that means you consistently attract high-paying clients?


Reason 2: No clear path to launching a Coaching Business

B-School is great if you are someone who does not know what type of business you want to launch and you need help deciding where to begin. But you are not at this stage – you are beyond it…!

You know you want to launch your Coaching Business, so right now what you need is a direct path that will take you from where you are now to becoming a successful coach in the shortest time possible. Because you want to get on with doing the work you are here to do…(rather than spending years figuring out how to get there!)


Reason 3: There is no accountability

How many times have you bought an online course (irrespective of its cost) and you haven’t even logged in once to take a look at it – it’s just sat there gathering dust! Well that is because there is no accountability from a tutor making sure you get started on these programs.

Even if you start the self study program, how many times have you finished it? I hear this time and time again from Coaches who buy these programs that they got part way through and they lost focus, confidence or both and gave up.


Reason 4: Ridiculously low success rates

You will be shocked to know that the completion rate for many big names programs that cost even $10k is a mere 10%.

This hugely disappoints…as a former University Course Director, I would have been fired if my degree program had a 10% success rate. What devastates me is that 90% of people on these programs have their dreams wasted and hopes dashed.

Too many Coaches have come to me having spent all their money on B-Schooland other programs like it and are no further forwards with gaining clients for their coaching business.

“I wish I had found you sooner”, is what they say to me,

At breaking point they are gutted they have run out of money to be able to invest in the support they need. On top of that they are stressed about just being able to pay their next month’s bills.


It doesn’t have to be this way for YOU there is a SOLUTION!


What you need is…

  • A program that gives you a direct path to attracting high-paying clients and becoming a Successful Coach.
  • Individual attention so your questions get answered and support that is tailored to your needs.
  • To become 100% clear on your niche, audience and irresistible signature coaching program,
  • Massively build your audience online, get your message out to your ideal clients and gain the committed clients you deserve!
  • An Experienced Mentor who has built a multiple six figure business (that would be me!) that you can talk to live every week to get the RIGHT advice to set up, market and launch your Coaching Business in just three months,
  • PLUS…if you are nervous about the technology or fearful about making sales you will have group calls with my expert mentors in Technology and Sales to hold your hand through any tech wobbles you have or fears about selling your program. Phew!

This is exactly what I deliver with my Client Attraction Academy..











Does this work?


The stats speak for themselves….over 90% of our students complete The Client Attraction Academy (and the 10% who don’t complete have seen their business boom within 6 weeks on this program and are already fully booked with clients!)

Many of my students with very little business, technology and marketing knowledge have taken their businesses from scratch to over $100k with my support (read our testimonials here).

So, if you are…

***Ready for Success

***Ready to explode your online audience

***Ready to attract High-Paying Clients

***And Ready to make a Global Impact whilst enjoying more time, income and freedom,

Then make sure you book your 1:1 call with me now by clicking here.

I have just two spaces left on my Client Attraction Academy group program starting in just a few weeks time,

When you come on this call we will discuss the direct path you need in your business to consistently attract high-paying clients:

Simply click here to book your call now

Should you decide not to join my program that is fine, you will still walk away with a clear plan of action for marketing your coaching business,

Imagine in just 3 months time you could be set up and working with your dream clients…!

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