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So you have decided you want to turn your expertise into a passive income and feel ready to launch an online course/membership site, but you don’t know how to go about it.

Well, this article will take you step by step through the process of how you can get your new online course/membership site launched in literally just a few weeks.

Step 1: Decide the name of your online course

The first thing you need to do is sit down and decide what you are going to call your online course. Pick a memorable name that is not too long. You will want to purchase a website domain name the same as your online course. Choose a .com domain as your online course will be being sold internationally.

Step 2: Identify what your ideal clients want and need from your online course

The second step to take is to create a survey using an online form builder such as Wufoo or Survey Monkey to find out what your ideal course participants want and need from your online course. You want to ask questions that will help you uncover what specific areas, within the topic of your course, people are most interested in learning about.

Sending out a survey also helps you to build a list of potentially interested customers for your online course when it launches. You need at least 30 completed survey responses in order to have a good sample size to gain accurate results from.

Step 3: Prepare an outline of your online course

At this stage put together an outline for your online course. This outline needs to include the number of modules there will be within the online course, individual topics for modules, what will be taught within each module and any assigned homework tasks to be completed at the end of each module. Identify the mediums which your online course will be delivered through.

You don’t need to prepare all the course content at this stage, as you need to first test your audience and check that they want to purchase your online course. You can create your course content each week as you deliver your course.

Step 4: Pre-sell your online course to your list and respondents of your survey

This is the time to pre-sell your online course at an earlybird price to your list and to respondents of your survey. Pre-selling your online course is a great way to test the demand for your course and to get the all important cash flow coming in to help fund cost of getting your online course.

Step 5: Get your online course/membership site ready

There are lots of options for online courses/membership sites with varying degrees of complexity, so what you choose really depends on your vision for your online course. I use WordPress with an OptimizePress plugin for my membership site. Other options that are suitable for those who do not have technical skills in building websites include JigSawBox and Zippy Courses.

Step 6: Prepare slides for your free “live” webinar

In order to gain customers for your online course the best method to use is to host a free “live” webinar on the same topic as your online course. So at this stage you want to prepare your slides for your free webinar. At the end of this webinar you can introduce attendees to your online course and give them the option to purchase your online course.

Step 7: Advertise and promote your free “live” webinar

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can all be very effective places to promote your free webinar, as well as promoting it to your list.

Step 8: Host your free “live” webinar

Getting to this stage means you are ready to launch! As I mentioned in step 6 at the end of your free webinar you will be introducing people to your online course, and all going well, guiding them to head over to your website to purchase your course.

Step 9: Deliver your online course

Start delivering your online course to your first group of course participants.

Step 10: Automate your free webinars

The final step in this process is to automate your free webinar using software such as Stealth Seminar or Evergreen. By promoting your automated free webinar you will have a lead generation method in place for bringing in new potential customers to purchase your online course.

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