Get High-Paying Leads Coming To You Every Single Day Through LinkedIn

Would you love to have a thriving business with as many high-quality, high-paying prospects coming to you as you need?

This is what the LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula can do for you

You see what I know from 20 years in marketing is that leads are the lifeblood of any business and without them you often have an expensive hobby rather than a business.

Perhaps you can relate to this?

Right now you might feel confused about how to market your business, and feel like you are going round and round in circles trying to figure out what will work for you.

You probably feel deeply frustrated that despite the efforts you put into your marketing on a daily basis you cannot seem to attract the clients you really want to work with,

You’ve been following all the marketing gurus advice, posting content everyday on social media, blogging, creating a website,

Yet instead of your expectation of a flow of clients, you’ve had a dribble of prospects coming to you who can’t afford to pay you what you truly desire to be paid.

You have a sense your ideal clients are on LinkedIn, but you have no idea how to reach your ideal clients through LinkedIn.

Some days you might find yourself questioning whether you are cut out for this and contemplate packing it all in.

I’m here to tell you DON’T, because YOU can do this!

The truth is it’s not your fault. You trained to become an expert in your field, not an online marketer.

And even though I have been in marketing a long time, and taught marketing to clients most of my life, the sheer amount of options available to us today to market our businesses can be overwhelming at times.

What you need to rapidly grow your client numbers and income is a proven strategy for lead generation that works, and the right support to help you implement it.

That’s exactly what this program provides you with.

Having had hundreds of business owners successfully complete this program, and achieve extraordinary results, you can be confident that the LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula works…

Became fully booked with clients

Newly qualified coach Liz went from starting her business with no idea what her niche is or who her ideal clients are and little confidence in her ability as a coach, to becoming fully booked with clients following our formula in just 6 months.

Liz Citron, Career Coach

Made $170K in just 5 months

Bharat went from having never used LinkedIn before to making $170,000 in sales through LinkedIn in his first 5 months on the LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula program

Bharat Mistry, Brand Consultant and Printer

Gained Corporate Clients

Cynthia went from losing 80% of her face to face video production contracts during lockdown to creating a brand new online video training offering, which she was able to sell to Corporate clients

Cynthia Baloula, Video Agency Owner & Trainer

From Scratch to 6-Figures in 6 Months

Former Paediatric Nurse Drew started his business from scratch and following our formula was able to connect with his Property Investor ideal clients and make six figures through LinkedIn in his first 6 months in business.

Drew White, Wealth Consultant

“Can you relate to Liz, Bharat, Cynthia or Drew’s situation before they started working with us? If you can then we’d love to help you,
so join now by clicking the button below…”

Here’s how this program will benefit you:

You’ll gain a consistent flow of high-calibre clients coming to you through Linkedin, so you never have to worry about where your next client is coming from

You’ll start charging what you truly desire for your services and get paid it

You’ll become known as the go-to expert in your field (even if you are new in business and haven’t had any clients yet!)

You’ll overcome your fears of being visible and confidently put yourself and your business out there online

You’ll be supported by me, our team and our incredible community of business owners on this program for an entire year

Here’s what you’ll learn on this program:

You’ll learn the proven Linkedin Quality Leads Formula that has resulted in many new and established entrepreneurs making five and six figures through LinkedIn in just a matter of months.



This program works for all different types of business owners whether you work with individual consumers, small business owners, corporates or you are a network marketer.

So, whatever your business type you’ll receive the right advice and strategy for your business.

The LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula contains 12 modules…

Module 1 – Nail Your Niche

In this module you’ll discover how to combine your gifts and expertise into a clear and focused niche that is a perfect fit for you. So, you’ll stop going round and round in circles trying to get clear on your niche. Having defined your clear niche will enable you to attract high-calibre clients become recognised as the go-to expert (or company) in your field.

Module 2 – Identify Your Ideal Client

In this module you’ll discover who your ideal high-paying client is.  You’ll get crystal clear on the important factors that define who they are, including their demographics such as; gender, age, location, income, and psychographics including what their biggest challenges and desired outcomes are. Having this level of detail about your ideal client will enable you to market your business and offerings to them through LinkedIn.

Module 3 – Create Your Irresistible Offer

In this module you’ll learn how design a Signature Offering that is irresistible to your ideal clients because it is the best solution to their problems.

You’ll learn how to create your offer, how to charge premium prices for your offer and how to market your offer. If you are nervous about how to communicate your offer in writing, don’t be, because you’ll receive our sales page template that make writing the copy for your sales page a breeze.

Module 4 – Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

This module will show you exactly what to write on your LinkedIn Profile to ensure that your ideal clients recognise that you are the best person to help them solve their problems.

Your fully optimised LinkedIn profile will “Connect, Engage and Convert” those who land on your LinkedIn profile. It will become a Client-Getting Machine that regularly brings you enquiries from your ideal clients.


Module 5 – Connect With Your Ideal Clients

This module will show you how to search for your ideal clients on LinkedIn, craft authentic direct messages that deeply connect with them and get appointments booked in with them.

Following our formula, you’ll rapidly build your network with your ideal clients and know how to convert them onto appointments with you every single day.

If you already have lots of LinkedIn connections but you haven’t been able to convert them onto calls with you, you’ll learn how to audit your connections to find your ideal clients and how to create a direct message that will finally see you getting appointments booked in.


Module 6 – Your Discovery Call

In this module you’ll learn what to say on your discovery calls to take your prospects from being interested in you to being ready to buy from you.

We call this the Sales Call Journey – and you will be guided step by step through how to prepare for your call to make sure your prospect shows up, how to handle the call itself and how to sell in a way that feels totally comfortable for you. You’ll even receive our Sales Call Script which outlines all the questions you need to ask on these calls.

This module is perfect for you if you are nervous about selling, have little or no sales training and will help you become a pro at selling high-ticket with ease.

Module 7 – Handling Objections

This module is focused on teaching you how to handle the common objections that can arise on Sales Calls.

So, if you have been struggling with knowing how to handle your prospects saying, “I can’t afford to work with you” or “I am too busy” or “I am not ready” or even “I need to ask my partner”, then this module will give you the knowledge to confidently navigate these objections, so you can help your prospect overcome their objection and choose to become your client.

Module 8 – Create Content That Converts

If you want to become a recognised thought-leader on LinkedIn, then sharing valuable content consistently is key to this. But right now, you might be nervous about being visible online, struggling with what content to share, or frustrated that you aren’t getting much engagement on your content, despite all your efforts.

This module will show you how to overcome all these issues and learn how to create content that leads you to gain tons of followers, engagement, and those all-important inbound leads (where your LinkedIn connections contact you wanting to work with you!)

Module 9 – Engage With Your LinkedIn Connections

This module will teach you some simple engagement strategies that will allow you to engage with your new LinkedIn Connections in a way that feels fun, nurtures your relationship with them, and results in them contacting you saying they’d like to discuss working with you.

Module 10 – Brand Awareness & Video

This module is perfect for you if you are new to recording videos to promote your business and feel uncomfortable with doing this. You’ll learn how to overcome your nerves, develop enticing video topics, create scripts for your videos, record your videos and handle the tech in involved in creating professional looking videos at home. Sharing your videos on LinkedIn will result in you building brand awareness for your business and getting inbound leads.

Module 11 – Create Your Content Marketing Plan

This module will give you access to our unique content creation process that will stop you spending hours looking at a blank screen and instead make creating your content quick and easy.

You’ll learn how to create all your content for an entire month in just a few hours so you always have valuable content to share without getting burnt out.

Module 12 – Your LinkedIn Quality Leads Playbook

This module will guide you to create your bespoke Linkedin Playbook. You will review the strategies you have implemented on LinkedIn from previous modules and analyse what is working to generate the clients and income you desire. This will then form the basis of your LinkedIn Playbook.

Your playbook will include the specific daily, weekly and monthly actions you need to take to generate the clients and income you want in coming months.

Completing this module and playbook will give you complete clarity and confidence on your LinkedIn Strategy and actions you need to take to have a consistent flow of your ideal clients coming to you.

When you join the LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula you will also get access to our LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula Version 2.0 for Content Creators.

Giving you the latest content marketing strategy to massively grow
your followers, explode your engagement and get tons of
inbound leads and enquiries for your services

LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula V2.0 for Content Creators

Contains 6 Modules…

Module 1 – Content Marketing Strategy

This module will show you how to create an integrated content marketing strategy across multiple platforms by combining LinkedIn with Email Marketing. Plus, you will learn how to harness the Creator Mode functionality of LinkedIn Lives and LinkedIn Newsletters as part of this strategy.

Having an integrated content marketing strategy will allow you to engage with all your LinkedIn connections in both LinkedIn and their email accounts, resulting in you massively increasing your audience/subscribers/followers and maximising your inbound enquiries you get from your ideal clients wanting to work with you.

Module 2 – Email Marketing

In this module you’ll learn how to create a powerful email marketing series that will engage your new LinkedIn connections and warm they up so that they are ready to buy from you.

You’ll receive our proven email series template, so if you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you can simply fill in the gaps to quickly pull your email series together.

If you are based in Europe and concerned about GDPR, don’t be – as this module will guide you through ways to ensure that you are GDPR compliant.

Module 3 – Automating Your Lead Generation

This module will show you how to automate all the processes in your LinkedIn outreach. You’ll be guided through how to set up the automation to send your connection requests to your ideal clients, send follow up messages to those who accept your connection, as well as obtain the email address of your new LinkedIn connection to trigger your email series to be sent to them.

Automating your lead generation will save you considerable time and ensure that your outreach happens consistently each and every day.

Module 4 – Creator Mode

This module will guide you step by step through how to successfully use Creator Mode. You’ll learn what Creator Mode is, how to switch Creator Mode on, how it can benefit you, how to choose hashtags for your content, create your creator mode content plan and your LinkedIn profile video cover story.

Following our guidance on implementing Creator Mode will help you amplify your message, become visible to more of your ideal clients and grow your audience, leading you to become a thought-leader in your field.


Module 5 – LinkedIn Live

This module will help you overcome any fears of streaming to LinkedIn. You’ll learn what’s involved in going live on LinkedIn, how to come up with topics for your lives, what the format of your lives should be and exactly what to say on your lives, so they become a lead generation tool that brings you clients.

We even provide you with a LinkedIn Live Checklist so you can be confident that your first ever live is a huge success.


Module 6 – LinkedIn Newsletters

This module will teach you everything you need to know to successfully launch your LinkedIn Newsletter. You’ll learn how to decide on your newsletter title and description, how to rapidly gain hundreds of subscribers for your newsletter, what to write in your newsletters, how to set up your newsletters, and create your first edition. Following our approach for launching your LinkedIn Newsletter will result in you being able to engage hundreds or even thousands of subscribers on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis, resulting in you establishing your thought-leader status and getting more inbound enquiries.

“I made $170,000 in 5 months following Shelley’s formula”

“I joined this program because I had never used Linkedin before and I needed someone to guide me to know how to use Linkedin to position the business professionally and get opportunities and business.

This program helped me become more confident in approaching new people through Linkedin, build connections, write posts on Linkedin and attempting the uncomfortable..e.g. videos!

In the past 5 months on this program during the pandemic, I have increased my average ticket value drastically and made $170,000 in sales through Linkedin. Plus, I have been nominated to help Pharmacy stores convert to Vaccine Centres which is huge for my business.

If you are thinking about this program, I would say it’s a no-brainer to join. Shelley has a lovely way of communicating the process, is backed by a lovely team and your positive can-do attitude has really helped me.”

Bharat Mistry – Brand Consultant & Printer For Pharmacies

“I made over $120,000 in 6 months”

“I joined this program because I knew there were people who need me on LinkedIn, but I wasn’t getting in front of them.

In first instance this program helped me define who my ideal client is and know where they hang out. It then helped build my confidence in how to communicate my offer through my salespage, with copy that compels my ideal clients to move forwards with working with me.

From there I learnt how to direct message my ideal clients of lawyers, (which I wasn’t doing before) and now I’m getting more lawyers connecting with me and requesting appointments.

The quality of my writing for content I am sharing has also improved greatly.

As a result, my Lawyers Career Mastermind is fully booked (which I never imagined happening) and I’ve gained several legal firms as corporate clients.

In the past 6 months I’ve made over six figures and am on track for my first multiple six figure year in business.”

Paula McMullan – Career Coach For Lawyers

“I became fully booked with premium health coaching clients”

“I learnt so much on the 5 Day Linkedin Challenge that I decided to join the Linkedin Quality Leads Formula because I didn’t really know how to use Linkedin.

This program helped me make the decision to go for quality clients rather than quantity and how to tap into that premium market. It showed me how to profile myself more effectively and take action on Linkedin on a regular basis.

I created my first every health coaching program from scratch and within 4 weeks I gained my first client which paid for my program 3 times over. Within 6 weeks I gained my second client.

5 months on I am fully booked with 5 premium health coaching clients consistently and have made over $20,000.

I am so glad I responded to Shelley’s Linkedin Challenge and program, because Shelley comes from quite a spiritual place. And when you follow Shelley’s process and do the work – it works!”

Steve Denby – Health Coach

“I’ve gained organisations for my mental health training business”

“When I joined this program I thought I knew exactly what I needed to do with my business. But my main problem was I wanted to help everyone and needed help getting my niche narrowed down.

This program helped me get clear on which organisations myself and my team could best help.

I was also guided to improve my LinkedIn headline and profile, and this has led me to get so much more traffic and enquiries.

What I learnt on this program about how to structure my direct messages helped me go from getting “no thanks” constantly to landing my first paying client through LinkedIn, who I am still working with now.

Since then, I’ve gained several organisations as clients through LinkedIn, including an ongoing contract with a local council providing workshops every week, counselling sessions and trainings.”

Jean Langford – Mental Health Trainer & Agency Owner

“Thank you for my business, really.”

“As a successful entrepreneur, I thought I knew everything there was to know about sales and marketing.

But when I got back into working with Energy Service Company CEOs (after a 5 year hiatus having sold my own Energy Service Company in 2013), I spent thousands of dollars on facebook and google marketing and gained zero leads of my ideal clients.

When I started applying the Linkedin Quality Leads Formula to my business I started getting little successes straight away. But then when I got really deliberate and completed all the modules and worksheets on this program I started getting really big successes.

From just 35 connection requests, I gained 19 connections, and 3 appointments – all of which turned into clients with a lifetime value of $60,000.

I can tell you that this program works, so if your clients are on Linkedin, the very least you can do is invest in this program.”

Jeff Schuster – Business Coach

“I tripled my business profits”

“I joined the 5-day challenge thinking I was just coming to learn a few tweaks to my LinkedIn strategy. I had no intention of signing up for anything.

But when I engaged with the challenge, I realised I needed a clear system that would show me how to engage as a real person on LinkedIn rather than a robot.

As soon as I followed this formula, I quickly started getting clients for my introductory offer and this immediately covered the investment I had made for the VIP Program.

This formula gave me a system that took all the confusion and guess work out using LinkedIn and filled in the missing pieces for me.

Implementing this formula has meant I’ve been getting clients for my 8-week program coming to me ready to go and saying, “You are the one!”, because my marketing is doing all the work.

A really great thing about Shelley’s LinkedIn strategy is it’s organic and my business has gone from 35% profitable to 80% profitable as a result.”

Angela Anderson – Wealth Coach

“Thank you for my business, really.”

“I felt accountable to the group, that was a huge help to keep the momentum going.  You do have this wonderful momentum that goes with the program, but I found the VIP gave me that extra, hang on you’ve actually got to turn up and have the work done! So that was really helpful.

I loved getting the feedback from my colleagues in the group and being able to listen to you give them feedback, that was really helpful. And just the whole experience around what to charge.

As you suggested, we did that exercise with each other of being the potential client and talking us through the discomfort or the resistances and that was a fantastic eye-opener for me.  That actually gave me the courage to put the right price tag on my offer and I mean, I literally had to hold my breath but I did it and I got a client before we even finished the program paying top fee that I felt was appropriate for my work and she signed up for a second set of 12 sessions!”

Nancy Cogswell – Transformation & Leadership Coach

“I received the structure I needed to achieve my business goals”

“Having come from Corporate background I was used to having meetings and a structure, but when I went self-employed, I had no structure, I didn’t no what to do. I tried different courses, spent money I didn’t have and tried to figure things out myself – all with no results.

This program gave me a structure with clear steps to follow for my day, week and month. That was phenomenal because every time I come into my office and work on my business for 5,6,7 hours per day, it feels meaningful. and I feel productive.

It is not just a feeling though because I’ve also seen the results. I have paying clients, and I have an additional 1000 Linkedin connections, who are my ideal clients, since I started this program.

If I had not joined this program I would not be fulfilling my dream of being a business owner and I would have had to go back to Corporate. Instead, I have a business and I am really excited about my future.”

Christelle Correia- Leadership Coach

Join The LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula

Here’s what’s included in this program:

  • Lifetime Access to the 12 module Linkedin Quality Leads Formula (worth $1,500)
  • Lifetime Access to the 6 module Linkedin Quality Leads Formula 2.0 (worth $1,500)
  • Bi-weekly Q & A Calls for an entire year (worth $1,500)
  • Private Support Group (worth $500)

To secure your place on this program…

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Think about it, if you keep going the way you are, will you make your dream business a reality? Or you can try something new and create the life & business you deserve!

Have questions you need answered? Read this…

When does this program start?

You can join this program at any time using the above payment links and get started straight away

What makes this program different from other LinkedIn Trainings?

The LinkedIn approach I teach you in this program combines both outbound lead generation methods and inbound lead generation methods making it the fastest lead generation approach through LinkedIn.

The reason I teach you outbound lead generation through LinkedIn is because it gives YOU control to determine how many high-quality leads and appointments you have through directly connecting and messaging your ideal clients.

You will also learn inbound lead generation which involves posting content on LinkedIn regularly. This approach helps you take advantage of LinkedIn’s “Organic Reach” which will help you create brand awareness for your business and generate enquiries from your LinkedIn connections wanting to discuss working with you.

Will this program work for me?

What you’ll learn is a proven process I have taught to hundreds of business owners over the past year and half. I’ve refined my process to get it better and better, so if you follow the process it is guaranteed to work.

This program has specific videos for each business type so whether you are working B2C or B2B or MLM, you’ll receive the right strategy for you and your business.

Will this program work for my audience?

This program is suitable for you whether your audience are Individual Professionals, Business Owners or Corporates.

The program has specific videos outlining strategies for a range of business types including; B2C, B2B and MLM, so  you’ll receive the right advice for your business to generate leads through Linkedin.

Is this program really worth the money?

Our clients who have completed this program have had phenomenal results, with some even making over 100 times back their investment, for instance Drew White made $100k in 5 months, Bharat Mistry made $170k in 5 months, and Conor Godfrey made $300k in one year! Just take a look at our testimonials to see their stories. The content in this program is of the same high quality and proven process that gets results that these clients received.

I'm not sure I can afford this program?

You can get started with this program for as little as $347 per month on our instalment plan. Imagine how attracting your ideal clients through LinkedIn will transform your business? Just one customer will more than pay for this entire program.

So what’s stopping you, go ahead and get started by clicking the “join” button below…
I am nervous about marketing my business online can you help with this?

As a qualified psychotherapist I know that mindset is often 80% of what holds entrepreneurs back, and I also know what you need to overcome this. I’ve built into this program the tools you need to transform your fears, so they stop limiting you and you can step into doing the work you are here to do.

I'm just starting my business so I am not sure if I am ready for this program?

We have lots of new entrepreneurs join this program to successfully launch their businesses.

The three  foundation modules; Nail Your Niche, Identify Your Ideal Clients and Create Your Irresistible Offer, will give you the clarity on your business strategy that you need to be ready to attract your ideal client to your business.

So, yes, this program is right for you if you are just starting your business.

I'm currently enrolled on other programs so I am not sure if I should join this program or not right now?

In my first year with Client Nectar I was enrolled on two year long programs plus I had a 1:1 business Coach because I recognised that to fill my gaps in my knowledge of running an online business I needed a sales mentor, a online marketing mentor and a business mindset and strategy coach.

In that first  year I took Client Nectar to Six Figures!

So the real question is, “Is this program what you need to fill the gap in your knowledge of how to attract clients?”.

If the answer is “yes” then saying “Yes” to yourself and joining this program is the right action to take to achieve your business goals.

If you still have questions that you feel have not been answered why not book a call with one of our team?

Read what our students say about working with us:

“The LinkedIn lead generation strategy Shelley has devised has been effective yet simple. Setting it up takes minutes and costs are extremely low.

Within 24 hours I had my first lead and within 5 days my diary was becoming full with appointments. It’s now 10 days and I’ve signed up my first Senior Leader – CEO Client and I have a growing number of people very interested in my program.”

David Stimson

Leadership & Mindset Coach

“Shelley has taught me to how to use LinkedIn and its tools to generate new leads for my businesses. I had no idea how powerful a tool LinkedIn could be for my businesses. She helped me fine tune my profile to help reflect how professional I am.

Shelley has a lovely way of delivering the content. She really encourages you, and get you to think about what you are doing and why you are doing it. She helps focus you on what is important and is a very positive person. I would highly recommend working with Shelley”

Paul Caden

Property Professional & Investor

“Working with Shelley has been a game changer for me and my business. Shelley has been instrumental in helping me work with the right clients who will benefit from my gifts.

Since applying Shelley’s LinkedIn Strategy I have gained 1300 new LinkedIn Connections, held 17 appointments and gained 4 Management Professionals as Clients, making over $16,000.”

Louise Seabrook Scrase

Team Coach For Managers

“The process Shelley took us through enabled me to effectively reach out to my ideal clients, gaining more connections and talking to women who were very interested in having a call. This in turn improved my confidence level and confirmed that my messaging was correct for my business.

In relation to the number of connections I sent out, I received nearly 30 requests for calls which were held over a 2-3 week period. Initially, this was a little overwhelming but helpfully pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I very quickly built my confidence levels and looked forward to holding sales calls and connecting with my ideal clients. I was learning such a lot from speaking with them and I could see just how much I had accomplished during the program.

I gained two new clients within the first 13 weeks. I have subsequently, secured further sales with one call resulting in a bigger team development/coaching opportunity. I also have more of my ideal clients reaching out to me. This is a program that WORKS and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.“

Isla McCrone

Leadership and Personal Growth Coach

“I decided to work with Shelley because I wanted to set up a Virtual Assistant business, but I was not sure where to start. Shelley got me thinking about what I want to do with my business and how best to put myself out there.

I learnt a huge amount of practical marketing strategies on this program in addition to learning about how to use LinkedIn. Before I did this course, I had a LinkedIn profile, but I didn’t use it and I felt intimidated by it. I only had only 10 connections. After completing this course, I have 200 connections and I don’t feel intimidated by it at all. I’ve even been helping other business owners with using LinkedIn, and they have been able to gain clients through LinkedIn as a result!

Shelley’s feedback and the support of the group was invaluable because it kept me on track and focused with starting my business, which I don’t think I would have done without this program.”

Symone Cunningham

Content Creator

“Working with Shelley has woken me up to the creativity of marketing and super-charged my passion, and vision for what lies ahead. Shelley’s an excellent coach and held a safe space of trust, repeatedly containing and channelling the uncertainty and self-doubt, that occasionally surfaced in the group process, into affirmative action.

Shelley’s specific understanding of marketing for coaches and consultants, is invaluable and saves critical time and effort. When you give centre stage to your ideal client in your invitation, they appear!

The resonance of mutual purposeful alignment with the incredible and courageous women I work with now, is profound, and generative – magical even. I now have a way to make connection directly that is authentic, appropriate and appreciated.

The confidence I’ve developed through this clear, step-by-step process, with steady support, refining and tuning, is huge. Above all, the experience of Shelley’s deep personal commitment to my success has been life changing. I am deeply grateful to her. This program works!”

Mary Lucas

Leadership Coach For Women Leaders

“As soon as I started to implement what I learnt from Shelley, it increased the number of discovery calls I was having significantly. That in turn increased the number of clients and conversions.

What I gained from being part of Shelley’s program was the group and encouragement of going through this journey with the others. Shelley’s guidance helped me keep my focus and my intention where I wanted it to be.

I love the fact that Shelley has that great mix of masculine and feminine energy – the masculine that focuses on getting things done, but also visualisation and manifestation that are more feminine.

Within the first 12 weeks on this program I gained $15,000 in client business and a further $12,000 in warm leads.”

Shivani Bhagi

Career Success and Leadership Coach

“I just immediately connected with Shelley. I could really feel her warmth and wisdom. The experience she has as someone who knows how the mind works made it a no brainer for me to work with Shelley.

In the first 12 weeks on this program I had my first over $20,000 month, and I know I can continue to grow and expand my business.

The surprise for me, working with Shelley, was the additional mindset work. The purpose behind it was always a massive part of what we did and for that I will be forever grateful.”

Joanna Naughton

Mindset Coach

“Working with Shelley shifted a lot for me personally. I was able to put together a programme from scratch that is in alignment with my gifts and gained two clients at $4000 per client, making $8,000 within the first 12 weeks on this program.

There was a big AHA moment for me when something happened during one of the meditations and I experienced my ‘inner child’. This led to a furthering of self-belief and confidence in my coaching work.

I couldn’t put a value on what Shelley did for me. What I can say is that I now appreciate my value and so much more when dealing with clients.”

Linda Rowntree

Intuitive Confidence Coach

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