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Do you find it difficult to plan your working week so you CAN achieve your objectives? If you do you are not alone.

Do you feel you are not being as effective as you could be?

Are you finding yourself procrastinating and being distracted by doing activities which are not income generating, and not going to help you achieve your business objectives?

Whilst knowing that the tasks you really should be doing are getting forgotten about and avoided.

If you are you are probably wracked with guilt for not completing the tasks you need to do and failing to move your businesses forward.


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Knowing what activities you need to plan into your working week

However, there is a very simple solution to your problem, and that is to have a plan. And plan your working week in advance!

This might seem overly simplistic but not planning your working week is at the root of the problem you are having.

Very few business owners set up their businesses knowing how to effectively plan the tasks they need to focus on to make their business a success. It tends to be something that those fortunate to become successful have learnt along their path to success.

For me, this has certainly been the case. Even though I am not someone who struggles too much with procrastinating or getting distracted. I do know that planning my time (and planning my working week) is key to making sure I stay on track with effectively getting everything done.

Ensuring your business is successful depends on making time in every week for the following activities:

  • Planning your daily tasks and goals
  • Completing and updating accounts
  • Marketing planning and execution
  • Researching and developing new products/services and/or programmes
  • Client delivery work
  • Responding to emails
  • Speaking with potential customers
  • Reviewing your progress on a daily basis with your tasks and goals
  • Reviewing your business’ progress towards your monthly and quarterly goals
  • Looking after your physical health and wellbeing by taking regular exercise and eating nutritious food


Dividing up your time

I’ve also found that there are some “rules of thumb” around how to divide up your time to ensure that all activities are covered on a weekly basis.

  • If you are a Coach or Consultant then your client delivery time needs to be 14 hours per week or less, so you can have time to focus “on” your business,
  • To avoid getting overwhelmed and not knowing what to focus on it helps to assign certain days of the week to certain activities. For instance; doing marketing on Mondays, client delivery on Tuesdays to Thursdays, sales calls on Fridays.
  • Taking exercise daily (twice a day) can help to keep your body active and improve mental, physical and emotional health (and keep your spine in good shape!).

Plan your working week example

To help explain these rules of thumb I’ve created a Business Working Week Planner. This sets out an example of how a successful business owner could plan out their time and activities..

Would you like to create your own Working Week Planner? Then you can download our blank Plan Your Week Template here: Click Here to download this template

Best of luck with planning out your working week for your success!


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Shelley Hutchinson

“Together we can make your business dreams a reality!”

Shelley Hutchinson is founder of Client Nectar, she combines mindset coaching, with online marketing and heart-centred selling to provide Coaches and therapists with powerful, easy to follow and life changing business and marketing programmes.

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