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If you want to avoid coming across as an annoying salesperson, and instead be seen as a thought-leader in your field, then read this article. You’ll learn my four step process to stop chasing clients and start making an impact. Master this process and you will never worry about where your next client will come from.

Have you ever signed up for something online and then kept getting phone calls from the company’s salesperson??

This happened to my partner. He signed up with for an investment scheme about 4 months ago. Since then he has been hounded by the investment company’s sales people trying to get him to buy their products. It got so bad that he had to block their number on his mobile phone!

Why am I telling you this story?

Because I see Coaches falling into the same trap. I am here to tell you to, “Stop chasing clients!”,

Let me give you some examples of marketing activities that I consider to be, “Chasing Clients”:

  • Posting into multiple Facebook Groups without engaging with the group
  • Pretending to be helpful but really scouting for clients in Facebook Groups
  • Going into a hard sell on strategy sessions without listening to your prospect

So why is chasing clients a problem?

Why do you need to stop chasing clients?

No. #1 – It’s exhausting

No. #2 – You scare away the clients you really want to work with

No. #3 – You look desperate (and let’s face it desperation never attracts clients!)

You see the clients you want to have are committed, thoughtful and motivated about achieving the transformation they want. What they are looking for is a Mentor who they can be inspired by. Someone that they see as a leader, who is interested in them and passionate about helping them solve their problems.

So, if chasing them doesn’t work, then what does?

Well that’s easy. What they want is for you to deeply connect with them, (but not by stalking them!). They want you to show you understand them and the situation they are experiencing, AND that you know how to help them.

If you are wondering – how can I do this? Then here is my simple four step process you can action right away:

Step One – Focus Your Mindset on Impact

I want you to forget everything you have been told about “Getting Clients”. Instead start focusing on “IMPACT”.

Ask yourself, what is the impact you want to make on your dream clients’ lives?

Once you know what the impact is you want to make, you are ready for step two..

Step Two – Create A List of Impact-Generating Marketing Activities

Create a list of marketing activities that will help you achieve your desired impact. I bet none of your marketing activities involve posting the same content into multiple facebook groups or spending hours in fb groups scouting for clients!

The best marketing activity to make an impact is to create a useful piece of content that will support your dream clients with the problem they are struggling with. Right now I recommend a challenge or even a checklist.

When I went through this process a few months ago, I realised I want to help as many new coaches as possible to get their businesses launched and start doing work they love doing. This matters to me because I truly believe this is what we need more of in the world to create a harmonious society.

I wanted to make the biggest impact I could imagine with my marketing. So, I created an entire course that would teach new coaches how to make the key marketing decisions they need to make, so they can magnetise their dream clients.

Then I decided to give away this course away for FREE as my “Magnetise Your Dream Clients 7 Day Challenge”.

So, take a moment now to reflect on the marketing activity that will help you make the biggest impact you can make on your audience?

Step Three – Build A Community You Can Impact

Remember what we said about your ideal clients wanting to see you as an inspirational leader? Well, you can do this best by bringing together your audience into your own community.

This works both online and offline. Online I recommend a Facebook Group or Linkedin Group. Offline you can create a meetup.

Think about it…your audience feels completely alone with their problems right now. If you heal their isolation they will love and respect you as the leader you are. If you support your audience with their challenges even before they start working with you, they will be committed to working with you and only you.

Step Four – Make An Impact (and gain clients!)

Finally, to make the biggest impact you can make on your audience invite them to come onto complimentary 1:1 calls, with you where you give abundantly of your gifts to help your ideal clients. Naturally they will ask you about how they can work with you. Given what you offer is a good match for what they need, your program will sell itself.

So, there it is – just four steps to stop chasing clients, and instead have your dream clients approach you!

Ready To Magnetise Your Dream Clients?

I know how important it is to you to achieve your visions for your coaching business, whether you are just starting out or wanting to grow and scale your business.

I also know that your success does not need to be left to chance. With my support you can ensure that your success is inevitable!

If you would like my help with ending the client chase and become an internationally recognized coach, then book in a free 1:1 call with me here: Book your 1:1 call with Shelley

On this call I’ll help you learn exactly what you need to do to ensure your success and you’ll leave with a clear plan of action so you don’t get left behind.

Sounds good? Click here to book your personal 1:1 call




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