“I launched my Abundance Activation Group Program

for the first time and gained 11 clients making £8000”

“Shelley’s Mastermind programme has given me amazing support with growing my business. She has helped me put together action plans and enabled me to stay focused as I execute them. She has also been there to guide me through my emotional ups and downs being self-employed.

With Shelley’s guidance, I’ve launched my Abundance Activation group program three times and have made over $30,000. Shelley’s teaching, wisdom and experience running an online business is invaluable, and has me on track to make six figures this year

Lara Waldman

The Abundance Activator, larawaldman.com

“Working with Shelley Hutchinson has helped me in just about every area of my life. With the practical, insightful and brilliant way she explains things – I’m now doing stuff I wasn’t able to do over the past 18 months and am on track to achieve what I wanted and more.”

Jennie Francis


“I am on track to make $100k this year, and I took 2 months vacation!”

“When I joined Shelley’s Mastermind programme I had two online courses but really had no idea how to put a reliable sales funnel in place for them – in fact I didn’t even know what “sales funnel” meant. I knew I wasn’t reaching my ideal clients. I wanted to rely less on 1:1 counselling for my income and start generating more passive income.

It is the accountability that I have had being part of the Mastermind programme that I have found most supportive. When you work for yourself it is too easy to procrastinate and avoid tasks you don’t like. Having to report to Shelley with my goals and the tasks I have executed has helped me achieve them. I’ve found it massively helpful receiving Shelley’s guidance on how all the little actions I am taking lead to the bigger goals being achieved.

I now have a far better sales process in place for my online courses and am generating sales. I have fewer 1:1 coaching appointments, and instead my clients are now coming to me for a 12 week 1:1 programme. I am making double the income from my 1:1 programme than I used to from my 1:1 counselling sessions, and I have a marketing system in place constantly bringing me new clients.

The best bit is that even though I took 8 weeks vacation this summer with my daughter, I am still on track to make over $100k in my business this year!”

Emma Murphy

Eating Issues Counsellor & Coach

“Working with Shelley has been a game changer for me and my business. Shelley has been instrumental in helping me work with the right clients who will benefit from my gifts.

Since applying Shelley’s Linkedin Strategy I have gained 1300 new Linkedin Connections, held 17 appointments and gained 4 Management Professionals as Clients”

Louise Seabrook Scrase

Leadership & Team Coach For Managers

“I found Shelley Hutchinson’s Kickstart Your Coaching Business course to be incredible value for money. It combines focused, relevant content with amazing support (way more than courses 3x times the price). Shelley’s business smarts meant that (after spinning my wheels for years) I focused on quickly implementing the right things in the right order. I created a coaching program – Grow Yourself Visible – that feels so aligned for my clients and me. I even created a great new website from scratch within a week!

American writer Edith Wharton said: ‘There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.’

Shelley does both. She is a brilliant role model for successful heart-centred business leaders. And she sees and reflects the potential of her students in a way that ignites it. I started to believe I could do it too – and now I am. Shelley has a very genuine, huge heart. She cares deeply about your success and she is the real deal”

Rionach Aiken

Visibility Coach

“Being on the Kickstart your business programme has brought much needed clarity to my service and the way in which I market myself. I felt really supported by the group calls and the team throughout.

The content that each module covered was in depth, and I loved the variety of learning styles that was offered. Having access to this material on an on-going basis is invaluable.

A big thank you to Shelley and her team, for their warmth and generosity. I would highly recommend their support, whether you are starting out like myself, or as a more seasoned business owner, I believe Shelley’s knowledge will help give you the edge.”

Jo Harley

Drama Therapist & Supervisor

“The Linkedin lead generation strategy Shelley has devised has been effective yet simple. Setting it up takes minutes and costs are extremely low.

Within 24 hours I had my first lead and within 5 days my diary was becoming full with appointments.

It’s now 10 days and I’ve signed up my first Senior Leader – CEO Client and I have a growing number of people very interested in my program.”

David Stimson

Leadership & Mindset Coach To Senior Leaders

“When I started the programme I was really struggling to know how and where to market my Relationship & Life Coaching service to get new clients. I knew I should be blogging, Facebooking, doing webinars and so on but how to figure out the technology and put it all together was really daunting.

Shelley took everybody on the programme through the process step by step. During the programme I built my email list to 100+, learned how to create and track Facebook Ads and even wrote, created and delivered my first webinar.

Shelley is hugely knowledgeable when it comes to all things marketing, has all the technical knowledge and is so supportive and yet will challenge you to really put your best possible self forward to achieve success. I would really recommend working with Shelley and have now joined Shelley’s Mastermind Programme.”

Joan O’Connell

Relationship Coach

“I’m fully booked with clients on my coaching program”

“I have now signed up my 6th client onto my 3 month 1:1 Reclaim Yourself tailored programme, and am fully booked with clients until January. Thank you Shelley for showing me the way and giving me the confidence that I could do it.”

Kalyani Ma Mukti

Totality Therapy Coach

“Before I joined the Client Attraction Academy I was struggling to attract the right people to my business, now I feel I have the right formula to do so and am more confident about the prospect of selling my programme”

Claire Wright

Health Coach

“I’ll never forget this as long as I live”

“Well, guys, I have done it! I had my call and my new lady agreed to pay what I asked 1,200 for 12 weeks coaching. She is someone I am excited to be working with. I can’t thank Shelley, her team and the group enough for all the help with my money blocks. I’ll never forget this as long as I live.”

Valerie Farragher

Alcohol Management Coach

“I have transitioned from Consulting Services to a Coaching business that makes 3 times more income for me, with a lot less stress”

Before I joined Shelley’s mastermind, my focus was scattered and I was struggling to reach my income goals with any consistency. My 1:1 work was overshadowing my ability to focus on creating programs and grow my business and my income. 

The mastermind has given me the robust guidance which was previously lacking in my business, and has provided me with a support mechanism which I can’t now imagine being without.

Shelley is an amazing business mentor, and has a unique ability to connect with entrepreneurs on a spiritual and business level, and is incredibly selfless and generous in the support that she provides, and the experiences that she shares.

Beyond that, the connections of the other amazing entrepreneurs in the group, who I am in close contact with on a regular basis, is an incredible up-leveller. The power of associating with other like-minded individuals can not be underestimated.

In preparation to write this testimonial, I had a look at my profit and loss figures from this past year with Shelley, compared to the previous year. I’m honestly gobsmacked by the contrast. I can’t even begin to imagine returning to that model of feast and famine which used to plague my business, and which I know causes so much anxiety for so many other coaches and consultants.

The consistency of my income and the steady rise of earnings is genuinely remarkable.

My business is so much more in control. My stress levels are hugely reduced, and my monthly income is consistently 3 times higher than it was previously.

For anyone looking for mentorship and growth in their business, joining Shelley’s mastermind is the biggest gift that you can give to yourself and your business.

Vicky Etherington

The Website Mentor, thewebsitementor.com

“I left the corporate world 14 years ago and not long after set up my own change consulting and coaching business. Whilst my business was successful and I loved both the nature of my work and being own boss, one of the frustrations year-on-year was the income ceiling that’s inevitable when you are operating under a ‘trading time for money’ model. Despite many attempts to change this, it wasn’t until I met Shelley and began working with her in the online space that I finally felt confident that I was in the right place to learn the skills needed to successfully scale my business.

Her flagship course, the Client Attraction Academy, is an excellent suite of modules to get business owners in the coaching and consulting arena who are serious about offering online programmes, fully up to speed with the latest marketing tools and techniques to build a scaleable and highly profitable business. I took this course in the summer of 2016 and now that I am doing Shelley’s Mastermind programme, a year or so later, I am continually impressed with Shelley’s constant updating of content to make sure her clients are equipped with the latest and most successful tools in a field that is evolving rapidly.

On a personal level I truly admire Shelley’s authenticity, trustworthiness and dedication to her clients. These qualities are one of the key reasons I continue to work with her.

So, whether you want to set up your own coaching/consulting business but haven’t yet made the move, or have already taken that brave leap and are adjusting to the new world of being your own boss, or are like me and have been in business for a while and now want to prioritise and focus on building a scaleable operating model, I recommend Shelley and her team at Client Nectar whole heartedly.”

Mandy Muckalt

Leadership Coach

“OMG my first client has signed up! She actually signed up for my Stress Management Program and I am so thrilled I burst into tears when I put the phone down. I can’t express the extent of my thanks and appreciation for everything you’ve done Shelley and your team. Thank you doesn’t quite seem enough. Massive thanks to all my fellow classmates for your endless help and support, it’s been incredible, and I am eternally grateful”

Kate Thorpe

Stress Management Coach

“Shelley is a beautiful mentor, guide and soul that helps you get results..”

“I was in a place where I needed some help demystifying how to market my business. What I really appreciated about the Client Attraction Academy was; being guided to find out what the Soul of my business is, discovering who my ideal clients are and being helped to develop a marketing tool that I know how to use to market my business and I am confident about using. I also feel I have connected with a beautiful guide, mentor and soul. You are everything you say you are and you do everything you say you are going to do. So long as your students “do the work” then they the results will come and will speak for themselves.

Simone Gilbert

Health Coach, simonegilbert.com

“I value my work now and am able to reflect this in the price of my programs”

Before I joined the Client Attraction Academy I’d struggled to find suitable clients despite working very hard. This programme helped me to gain 3 new clients in just 12 weeks on this program making me £4,500 in income!

Joining Shelley’s Mastermind group has helped me bring my business to the next level. The support I have received has been amazing. Particularly, it has helped me learn to value my work and have the confidence to continue raising the price of my programmes. I am really excited about expanding my business in new ways in the future. I am really thankful to Shelley for everything I have learnt and the support I have received.

Nicola Williams

Assertiveness Coach,

“I now have a sales funnel that consistently converts, and brings me members for my membership site…”

“At the time that I joined Shelley’s mastermind group I was struggling with getting conversions for my Space To Relax (Qi Gong) Membership Programme. Shelley helped me to hone in on my target customer and craft my offer around their pain points. By doing this I was able to be able to convert the leads I was generating into paying members of my programme. I also benefited hugely from the support with technology and the great camaraderie and support from other members of the Mastermind.

I would highly recommend Shelley’s Mastermind group to anyone who is struggling with their online business. Shelley’s experience is second to none, and her caring approach coupled with her business acumen means she draws out the best in people – so if you are on the fence I would say go for it!”

Janice Tucker

Qi Gong Instructor, spacetorelax.com

I first met Shelley at a networking for therapists group she had organised in Cork city where her warmth and expertise led me to sign up for her online marketing course for therapists.

Over the course of 3 months I learned a lot about promoting my counselling practice both on the techie side (Google Adwords and the like!) and also looking at my goals and removing blocks especially around money and attracting clients.

Full of enthusiasm and already seeing results in terms of client numbers, I signed up for one to one mentoring with her which has been amazing. She has a way of making you believe that anything is possible – while at the same time encouraging you to work hard on the all the small details (like SEO) that are crucial to success.

I am currently launching a new business which will deliver online training in the area of trauma and PTSD and am eternally grateful to Shelley for her support every inch of the way.”

Alison Winfield

Trauma Counsellor

“Shelley is a wonderful and insightful person. She has the knack of understanding people and their ways – she puts people at ease, gets great results and is consultative in her nature. Anyone that works with Shelley will testify to how smart, caring, honest, resourceful and wonderful she truly is.

Tom Hennessy

Coaching Consultant

“Shelley’s Client Attraction Academy program helped me to create, launch and sell my women’s empowerment group program in under 12 weeks and I made 3 sales from my first webinar and generated over $4,000”

Anna-Louise Haigh


“Oh! Today…WIN. First time I’ve enrolled someone in the 3 month program without ever mentioning hourly rates or session rates! She said yes!! Price was €1200 and she is paying in full…

Janine Beck

EFT Coach

“I gained 5 new high-paying clients in just 8 weeks!”

“With Shelley’s guidance I got clear on who my High-Paying Client is, created my Signature Coaching Program and gained 5 New Clients for my program in just 8 weeks on Shelley’s Mastermind Program

Adele Stickland

Health Coach, get-gorgeous.com


These are the exact steps that led me to generate over $500k in sales of my coaching programs


These are the exact steps that led me to generate over $500k in sales of my coaching programs

 12 Month Payment Plan


Single Payment Option

 12 Month Payment Plan


Single Instalment Option

 12 Month Payment Plan

Deposit followed by full balance

 Immediate Full Payment


 12 Month Payment Plan

Deposit followed by full balance

Full payment now

 12 Month Payment Plan


Single Instalment Option

 12 Month Payment Plan


Single Payment Option


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