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If you have been following my blogs lately you will know that I have been sharing with you my secrets to successfully creating, launching and selling your Mastermind programme.

In my last blog post I covered how to put your ideas down on paper so you can create a Mastermind programme that is dynamic and engaging for your students, and importantly helps them get real results fast.

In this post, I want to share with you exactly what you need to do to successfully launch your Mastermind programme and gain your ideal mastermind students for your programme.

What I am sharing is not theory, it is practice, as I have been using my formula successfully to launch my Mastermind programme.

What I will say to you now is very important, so listen up.

The first key to a successful Mastermind launch is “Soul”. Soul is not concerned with money, or how many students sign up with you, or with flashy advertising, or even growing your business.

Soul is only concerned with the positive difference you can make on those who have problems that your Mastermind programme can help them to solve.

For this reason, the place you need to start when you are launching your Mastermind programme is defining what is the “soul” of your Mastermind programme and the “soul” of your launch.

Ask yourself,

What is your big why for launching your Mastermind programme?”,

“What impact are you hoping to make on your ideal mastermind students’ lives?”,

“How can you convey this through the sequence of free live masterclasses you offer as part of your launch?”


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Literally four days before my Mastermind Launch in March, my beloved Grandmother passed away. Words cannot describe how much my Grandmother, Ini, meant to me. Having lost my Mother at age 24, Ini, and I formed an incredibly close bond – bound by our shared grief, and our immense joy at still having each other.

You might have even seen pictures of Ini in some of my webinars. I loved talking about how having an online business enabled me to work from my grandmother’s flat so I could spend lots of time with her and be there look after her.

Ini passing away so close to the start of my Mastermind programme launch, meant it was not possible to postpone it. I knew I had to go ahead. However, I also recognized that now there was even more “Soul” and purpose to my launch.

The one thing my Grandmother had taught me above all else, was how to keep loving deeply, even when you have borne many losses. Ini had suffered many losses during her 89 years on this planet, from losing her beloved father and father-in-law, to her daughter, nephew and husband, not to mention the loss of being able to leave her flat in the past 10 years due to mobility issues.

Through all of this, Ini carried on with an infectious positivity and enjoyment from life. She was like a ray of sunshine, and nothing could dampen her spirit.

She felt her losses deeply but they just strengthened her resolve to find the joy in life and to love her family and friends with all the heart she had.

So, I knew I had to show the same strength that I had learnt from my Grandmother and let go of expectations around money, student numbers, or my own ego’s needs.

My “big why” became about reaching out to as many people I could with the valuable free masterclasses I was hosting, so that they would be able to gain information that could help them transform their lives.

I trusted that the right students for me and for my Mastermind programme would be on these masterclasses, and would come through to me – and so they have.


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In addition to my first key to successfully launching your Mastermind programme, there are 6 others:

Key no. #2 – Planning – Take time to create a heart-felt salespage that accurately describes your Mastermind programme and deeply speaks to your ideal Mastermind participant’s needs and desires,

Key no. #3 – Provide a carefully constructed series of free trainings and other leadmagnets that truly help your ideal clients to solve their problems,

Key no. #4 – Give your ideal mastermind participants time to get to know you and form a real connection with you, during the live classes you offer as part of this launch,

Key no. #5 – Answer your ideal mastermind participants’ questions about your mastermind programme via emails, calls and on your live classes,

Key no. #6 – Make sure you address your ideal mastermind participants’ objections to joining your mastermind through your salespage, emails, and live classes,

Key no. #7 – Invite your ideal mastermind participants onto increasingly more intimate situations with you culminating with one or more free 1:1 calls with you and your team.
Remember that this is often a big investment for your ideal students so your aim is to help them move through their decision-making process as smoothly and quickly as possible so you can get on with working with them in your Mastermind programme.

Best of luck!

Of course, if you would like help with planning out your Mastermind programme then simply book in a free Next Level Business Breakthrough Call using the link below:

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Shelley Hutchinson

“Together we can make your business dreams a reality!”

Shelley Hutchinson is founder of Client Nectar, she combines mindset coaching, with online marketing and heart-centred selling to provide Coaches and therapists with powerful, easy to follow and life changing business and marketing programmes.

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