Would You Love to Consistently Attract High Quality Clients to Your Business Every Single Day?


The VIP Program Will Help You Establish Your Business & Gain A Consistent Flow of Clients Through LinkedIn In Just 3 Months


This program is for you if:

  • You are frustrated by attracting the wrong clients, and not knowing how to gain quality individual professional, business owner and/or corporate clients
  • You are fed up with wasting tons of your precious time, money and energy on advertising, networking, sales funnels and complex systems that don’t work
  • You want to break free of the constant feast and famine cycles in cash flow, and instead rapidly grow your business to 6 or even 7 figures
  • You would love to have a consistent flow of appointments and clients coming to you on demand, so you can focus on your valuable work

Imagine how your business would be transformed if you could have appointments and clients on tap whenever you want them – this is exactly what The VIP Program provides!

How this program will benefit you:

This ground-breaking program will completely transform your experience of attracting high-quality clients to your business through Linkedin – making it a smooth, simple process so you can consistently gain appointments and clients on-demand with only 30 minutes a day of your time.

With our guidance, you will learn how to utilise Linkedin to position yourself as a Thought-Leader in your field, and quickly become the Go-To Expert in Your Field in the minds of your ideal clients.

Right now you are probably deeply frustrated with the marketing approaches that you have tried. We believe that your time, energy and money is too valuable to be wasting it on advertising and complex sales funnels that don’t work.

This is why our proven Client Generating system doesn’t require any of these things.

Our proven Client Attraction System is simple to set up and means that you will start generating appointments with quality prospects including Individual Professionals, Business Owner or Corporate clients, whilst on this program.

We will help you rapidly build your Linkedin Connections, and teach you how to handle your appointments with your potential clients in an authentic way that is 100% in alignment with your values and integrity.

You will learn how to take your new potential client (whether they are a Professional, Team Leader, Manager, Entrepreneur or even CEO) from connecting with you to being excited about working with you in just one or two calls.

You’ll learn the latest information on how to use LinkedIn’s features for Content Creators to get your content seen by your audience, increase engagement on your content, grow your audience & following on LinkedIn, and generate those all important inbound leads (i.e. having your ideal client contacting you wanting to work with you)

This means you are likely to gain clients even before you complete this program!

“What you learn in this program is cutting edge marketing and is the foundation you need to successfully grow and scale your business to multiple six figures and beyond”


What You’ll Learn on This Program…


You’ll Become The Go-To Expert in Your Field

  • You will position yourself as a Thought-Leader in your field, consistently at the forefront of your industry
  • You will create, structure and price your offering so it is absolutely the best solution to your ideal clients’ problems and sells itself
  • You will optimise your Linkedin Profile so you stand out to quality potential clients
  • You will harness Linkedin’s Social Selling so your ideal clients start contacting you wanting to work with you


You’ll Rapidly Generate Appointments with Quality Professional & Corporate Prospects

  • You will rapidly build your connections on Linkedin with individual professionals, business owner and/ or decision makers in the Corporate companies you want to work with
  • You will learn how to reach out to individual professionals, business owner and/ or decision makers, and what to say in your messages with them, that will result in an appointment
  • You will build connections and generate appointments with individual professional, business owner and/or decision makers in a matter of minutes using automated systems that save you time

You’ll Authentically Sell to Professional & Corporate Clients with Ease

  • You will learn how to research your individual professional, business owner or decision maker in Corporate, so you have the advantage of knowing what is important to them and how to talk to them to build connection
  • You will understand how to quickly build a deep rapport when you meet with your Individual Professional, Business Owner and/or Decision Maker
  • You will discover the exact questions to ask to take your prospect from expressing an interest to being ready to buy from you in just one call
  • You will get over your fear of being pushy and salesy and have conversations that sell in a way that feels 100% natural to you, and in alignment with your values
  • You will gain more clients with less work by having systems in place to track your conversations with potential clients, sales and when to follow up

Content Marketing That Converts to Clients

  • You will learn how to create posts and professional videos quickly and easily
  • You will overcome any fears you have about making videos of yourself speaking to camera, so you can be visible and make the impact you are here to make
  • You will understand what content is going viral on LinkedIn right now, and how to create content that is highly engaging for your audience, gets engagement and grows your followers
  • You’ll gain clarity when, what and how frequently to post your content on Linkedin
  • You will create content that harnesses Linkedin’s “Organic Reach” resulting in your ideal Professional, Business Owner or Corporate clients contacting you wanting to work with you
  • You will become versed on how to prepare all your social media content in just 1 day per month, and utilise apps so you avoid overwhelm

Advanced Content Marketing Strategies

  • You will have access to our brand new 6 module program with advanced strategies for Content Creators which is perfect for you if you are already confident with sharing content on LinkedIn and want to be able to massively grow your followers, explode your engagement and maximise your inbound leads
  • You’ll learn how to create an integrated content marketing strategy across multiple platforms combining LinkedIn and email marketing
  • You’ll create a powerful email marketing series that will engage your new LinkedIn Connections and “warm them up” so they are ready to buy from you
  • You’ll be guided step by step through how to switch on and use Creator Mode successfully
  • You’ll overcome any fears you have of live streaming to LinkedIn, know exactly what to talk about on your lives and learn how to turn your LinkedIn’s Lives into a lead generation tool
  • You’ll understand how to launch your LinkedIn Newsletter and rapidly gain hundreds of subscribers for your newsletter.


  • You will receive accountability each week on our weekly group coaching calls, so you will not be able to procrastinate or fall behind with this program
  • Our weekly group coaching sessions are focused on supporting you with taking action, and will support you to take the daily actions that will lead to your success
  • You will be part of a small group of just ten likeminded business owners who will be your cheerleaders on your journey to success
  • You will experience support like you have never experienced before on an online coaching program – because your success matters to us!

Feminine Approach to Client Attraction & Business

  • Successful client attraction is not just based on having a marketing system in place – it is also based on your internal mindset.
  • This program will teach you the skills and techniques that will help you raise and maintain a positive, confident mindset, so you can attract your ideal clients with ease.
  • You will find that opportunities start to appear without you having to work so hard – this is what we call the feminine approach to client attraction and business.

“We will provide you with a high quality, structured and supportive training program that will help you build your business in the fastest time possible.”


Here’s how this program is delivered…

  • 12 Weeks of Taught Modules delivered by mixture of live webinars and recorded videos that will guide you step by step through our proven process
  • Access to the LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula V2.0 for Content Creators containing 6 modules teaching the latest advanced content marketing strategies
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Shelley Hutchinson over 12 weeks where you can ask questions you have about implementing the actions from the taught modules and receive support with rapidly making your business a success
  • Regular Implementation Sessions with Shelley Hutchinson where you can implement your Linkedin tasks, whilst having Shelley on hand in case you have questions
  • Daily Checklist & Accountability to help you keep you on track with taking action each day and achieving your goals
  • Support via a Dedicated Private Support Group where you can post questions at any time during the two months and receive support as well as connect with other participants.

“I left the corporate world 14 years ago and not long after set up my own change consulting and coaching business. Whilst my business was successful and I loved both the nature of my work and being own boss, one of the frustrations year-on-year was the income ceiling that’s inevitable when you are operating under a ‘trading time for money’ model. Despite many attempts to change this, it wasn’t until I met Shelley and began working with her that I finally felt confident that I was in the right place to learn the skills needed to successfully scale my business.

On a personal level I truly admire Shelley’s authenticity, trustworthiness and dedication to her clients. So, whether you want to set up your own coaching/consulting business but haven’t yet made the move, or have already taken that brave leap and are adjusting to the new world of being your own boss, or are like me and have been in business for a while and now want to prioritise and focus on building a scaleable operating model, I recommend Shelley and her team at Client Nectar whole heartedly.”

Mandy Muckalt

Leadership Coach

You’ll also receive these amazing bonuses…


LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula

This program will teach you my Linkedin Quality Leads Formula which is taught over 12 modules.
These modules give you the strategy and structure you need to know how to generate leads and appointments
which you can convert to clients through Linkedin.

You’ll receive an entire year of bi-weekly Q & A calls where you can get all your questions answered and daily support from our Coaches via our private support group. Plus, you’ll get to be part of an amazing community of entrepreneurs.

This means that after you complete your 3 months on the VIP Program you’ll have a further 9 months on our LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula Premium program to continue receiving support and guidance with harnessing LinkedIn to grow your business.

(Full Program is Worth $5000 + vat for those in UK)

When you join the VIP Program in addition to receiving LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula you will also get access to our LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula Version 2.0 for Content Creators.

Giving you the latest content marketing strategy to massively grow your followers, explode your engagement and get tons of inbound leads and enquiries for your services

LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula V2.0 for Content Creators

Contains 6 Modules…

Module 1 – Content Marketing Strategy

This module will show you how to create an integrated content marketing strategy across multiple platforms by combining LinkedIn with Email Marketing. Plus, you will learn how to harness the Creator Mode functionality of LinkedIn Lives and LinkedIn Newsletters as part of this strategy.

Having an integrated content marketing strategy will allow you to engage with all your LinkedIn connections in both LinkedIn and their email accounts, resulting in you massively increasing your audience/subscribers/followers and maximising your inbound enquiries you get from your ideal clients wanting to work with you.

Module 2 – Email Marketing

In this module you’ll learn how to create a powerful email marketing series that will engage your new LinkedIn connections and warm they up so that they are ready to buy from you.

You’ll receive our proven email series template, so if you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you can simply fill in the gaps to quickly pull your email series together.

If you are based in Europe and concerned about GDPR, don’t be – as this module will guide you through ways to ensure that you are GDPR compliant.

Module 3 – Automating Your Lead Generation

This module will show you how to automate all the processes in your LinkedIn outreach. You’ll be guided through how to set up the automation to send your connection requests to your ideal clients, send follow up messages to those who accept your connection, as well as obtain the email address of your new LinkedIn connection to trigger your email series to be sent to them.

Automating your lead generation will save you considerable time and ensure that your outreach happens consistently each and every day.

Module 4 – Creator Mode

This module will guide you step by step through how to successfully use Creator Mode. You’ll learn what Creator Mode is, how to switch Creator Mode on, how it can benefit you, how to choose hashtags for your content, create your creator mode content plan and your LinkedIn profile video cover story.

Following our guidance on implementing Creator Mode will help you amplify your message, become visible to more of your ideal clients and grow your audience, leading you to become a thought-leader in your field.


Module 5 – LinkedIn Live

This module will help you overcome any fears of streaming to LinkedIn. You’ll learn what’s involved in going live on LinkedIn, how to come up with topics for your lives, what the format of your lives should be and exactly what to say on your lives, so they become a lead generation tool that brings you clients.

We even provide you with a LinkedIn Live Checklist so you can be confident that your first ever live is a huge success.


Module 6 – LinkedIn Newsletters

This module will teach you everything you need to know to successfully launch your LinkedIn Newsletter. You’ll learn how to decide on your newsletter title and description, how to rapidly gain hundreds of subscribers for your newsletter, what to write in your newsletters, how to set up your newsletters, and create your first edition. Following our approach for launching your LinkedIn Newsletter will result in you being able to engage hundreds or even thousands of subscribers on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis, resulting in you establishing your thought-leader status and getting more inbound enquiries.

Here’s What Our Students Have To Say About This Program…

“I launched my business from scratch & am fully booked with clients”

“I joined the VIP Program because I had absolutely no idea about how to find clients. I was also a completely new Coach and I didn’t have a huge amount of confidence about my coaching skills.

I thought I had a sense of who I wanted to work with but when I arrived on the first group coaching call, Shelley helped me separate my fictional idea of who my ideal client was and understand who is really out there and who I can really work with.

Following the process and with Shelley’s support I quickly got a lot of chemistry calls booked in. Sales is not something I am skilled at so I did have to learn how to sell myself.

Over the past 4 months I have gone from converting 20% of all my discovery calls to converting 70% of the calls I have with prospects. I typically have around 20 discovery calls each month and I am now converting 15 of them to clients each month making $35,000 a month.

I have actually been worried that I am not going to be able to accommodate all the clients I am gaining now.

If I hadn’t done this VIP program I would not have succeeded in getting my business off the ground. This program launched my business – it’s been the difference between having a business and not having a business.”

Liz Citron – Career Coach

“I made over $120,000 in 6 months”

“I joined this program because I knew there were people who need me on LinkedIn, but I wasn’t getting in front of them.

In first instance this program helped me define who my ideal client is and know where they hang out. It then helped build my confidence in how to communicate my offer through my salespage, with copy that compels my ideal clients to move forwards with working with me.

From there I learnt how to direct message my ideal clients of lawyers, (which I wasn’t doing before) and now I’m getting more lawyers connecting with me and requesting appointments.

The quality of my writing for content I am sharing has also improved greatly.

As a result, my Lawyers Career Mastermind is fully booked (which I never imagined happening) and I’ve gained several legal firms as corporate clients.

In the past 6 months I’ve made over six figures and am on track for my first multiple six figure year in business.”

Paula McMullan – Career Coach For Lawyers

“I have a waiting list of Corporates for my new offering”

“The main revenue stream for my business before the pandemic and lockdown was video production, which is an in-person service. As soon as lockdown came in in March 2020, we lost 80% of our revenue over night.

Shelley’s program really helped me pivot my business and get clients for a new offering helping business owners to create professional videos from home, which kept me in business.

This new line of work as a Video Production Trainer has led me to develop a new corporate offering for franchisors.

I followed Shelley’s strategy and approach to craft my messages to reach out to CEO’s. The reaction to my messages has been absolutely amazing. I have had a lot of appointments with CEOs. These appointments have converted into clients and I have a waiting list for my new service. I even had one Franchisor CEO offer to personally mentor me.

I am so grateful to Shelley – you saved my business! If you are serious about growing your business then join this program as it will help you do it.”

Cynthia Baloula – Video Production Agency Owner & Trainer

“I became fully booked with 12 clients in just 4 months”

“I thought I was doing everything right, I created the website, thought I knew who my ideal client was, and did Facebook advertising, but during 2 and half years from when I first launched my business in 2018, I gained only 2 clients.

I realised after joining Shelley’s program that I didn’t know what my niche was. This program helped me get clear on my niche, develop my signature offering at higher ticket price point, and it also gave me prescriptive way of approaching my calls with potential clients which was so significant to me.

I used Shelley’s guidance to create and send my direct messages to my ideal clients on LinkedIn. Direct messaging brought me my first appointments with potential clients. I have grown my LinkedIn connections from just 70 to 1700!

Coming on this program solved all the problems I had with not attracting clients. In just 4 months I have become fully booked with 12 clients. Shelley’s program saved my business and has helped me grow it!”

Holli Bradish-Lane – Health Coach

“I had my first $20,000 month whilst on this program”

“I already had clients when I decided to work with Shelley on the VIP Program (formerly known as Client Generator Program) but I knew that there was more I could be doing and a bigger impact I could be making on the world.

When I met Shelley I immediately connected with her, the experience she has in marketing and business and also her own experience as a coach and someone who knows how the mind works. And supports people to be able to keep developing the mindset they need to keep expanding and growing their business.

For me it was a no brainer to work with Shelley. I gained 7 clients during 12 weeks and had my first $20,000 month in my business.

Which was incredible because it has allowed me to expand my business and take on an admin assistant so I can reach out and grow what I am doing both personally and professionally.

I was surprised by the additional mindset work with meditations that was included in the program and helped me get my business to this place. I will forever be so grateful to Shelley for this.

If you are considering joining one of Shelley’s then stop hesitating, because whether you are relatively new to your business or whether you are someone who is already successful in their business but know that there is more then Shelley will help you with that.”

Joanna Naughton – Mindset Coach

“I have peace of mind that my business can provide for my family now”

“I decided to join Shelley’s VIP Program because I didn’t have enough consistency of clients coming to me.

The first step Shelley addressed with me was helping me identify the more mature client who are ready to invest in working with me, which was game changing, as I could filter out those who were not going to be the right clients for my program. Shelley helped me change the way I communicated to attract this more established entrepreneur.

I was able to optimise my LinkedIn profile and establish myself as an expert. The systematic process this program taught me helped me find my clients and be consistent with reaching out to them. It was amazing that people responded so positively to my direct messages.

During the VIP Program I signed up new clients to my program and established myself as an expert on LInkedIn, which led me to be seen by the local business community and I was featured in the local business magazine.

The program also showed me how to craft content to share on LinkedIn. From just one post I shared promoting a webinar, I got 100 sign ups for the webinar and gained clients from that webinar.

Since I completed the program I now have peace of mind that I can provide for my family as a single Mum, and I have flexibility to be able to work from where ever I want.”

Mikaela Dyhlen – Business Coach For Creative Entrepreneurs

“I tripled my business profits”

“I joined the 5-day challenge thinking I was just coming to learn a few tweaks to my LinkedIn strategy. I had no intention of signing up for anything.

But when I engaged with the challenge, I realised I needed a clear system that would show me how to engage as a real person on LinkedIn rather than a robot.

As soon as I followed this formula, I quickly started getting clients for my introductory offer and this immediately covered the investment I had made for the VIP Program.

This formula gave me a system that took all the confusion and guess work out using LinkedIn and filled in the missing pieces for me.

Implementing this formula has meant I’ve been getting clients for my 8-week program coming to me ready to go and saying, “You are the one!”, because my marketing is doing all the work.

A really great thing about Shelley’s LinkedIn strategy is it’s organic and my business has gone from 35% profitable to 80% profitable as a result.”

Angela Anderson – Wealth Coach

“Thank you for my business, really.”

“I felt accountable to the group, that was a huge help to keep the momentum going.  I found the VIP gave me that extra, hang on you’ve actually got to turn up and have the work done!   So that was really helpful.

I loved getting the feedback from my colleagues in the group and being able to listen to Shelley give them feedback, that was really helpful.

As Shelley suggested, we did an exercise with each other of being the potential client and talking through the discomfort or the resistances to selling and that was a fantastic eye-opener for me.

That gave me the courage to put the right price tag on my offer and I mean, I literally had to hold my breath, but I did it and I got a client before we even finished the program paying top fee that I felt was appropriate for my work.

She even signed up for a second set of 12 sessions!”

Nancy Cogswell – Transformation & Leadership Coach

“In the final month of this program I made $11,000”

“During the pandemic and all my coaching clients ended so it felt like I needed to start from scratch with my coaching business again. I needed a structure to build up my coaching business again, so I decided to join the VIP Program.

This program provided me with a framework within which I could generate clients and business. I was able to find out more about myself and my skills and experience, then I was able to convert this into a more confident offering, and then I was able to identify a potential client group and then using the processes over the 12 week program I was able to build up a presence on Linkedin which has resulted in more people approaching me rather than me approaching people.

The effective of the program and this process my Linkedin connections have increased from 400 to 800. I’ve also been posting much more on Linkedin and my recent articles have had more than 1000 views which has resulted in people contacting me which has had a big impact on my business revenue.

In the whole of last year I made $5000 from coaching, just in this month alone having followed your process I have made $11,000.

If I hadn’t joined the VIP Program I would probably be in the same place I was before joining the program and would not have a framework to build up and develop this business now and in the future.”

Wyn Lewis – Leadership & Career Coach For Solicitors

“The Linkedin lead generation strategy Shelley has devised has been effective yet simple. Setting it up takes minutes and costs are extremely low.

Within 24 hours I had my first lead and within 5 days my diary was becoming full with appointments.

It’s now 10 days and I’ve signed up my first Senior Leader – CEO Client and I have a growing number of people very interested in my program.”

David Stimson

Leadership & Mindset Coach To Senior Leaders

“Working with Shelley has been a game changer for me and my business. Shelley has been instrumental in helping me work with the right clients who will benefit from my gifts.

Since applying Shelley’s Linkedin Strategy I have gained 1300 new Linkedin Connections, held 17 appointments and gained 4 Management Professionals as Clients, making over £12,000.”

Louise Seabrook Scrase

Leadership & Team Coach For Managers

“I initially created my business as a coaching practice but its growth involved more company work, designing and delivering workshops and facilitating events. I wanted to create greater balance between delivery and coaching and developing a tried and tested approach was the reason I joined the VIP program.

The VIP program provided a significant amount of valuable learning. I moved beyond a basic understanding and usage of LinkedIn to using it as an effective sales funnel. Learning how to develop an effective sales script helped me immensely, especially during my early sales calls. Being able to effectively target my ideal client group of professional female leaders and understand their challenges at a deeper level through the sales process was extremely valuable for me.

The process Shelley took us through enabled me to effectively reach out to my ideal clients, gaining more connections and talking to women who were very interested in having a call. This in turn improved my confidence level and confirmed that my messaging was correct for my business.

In relation to the number of connections I sent out, I received nearly 30 requests for calls which were held over a 2-3 week period. Initially, this was a little overwhelming but helpfully pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I very quickly built my confidence levels and looked forward to holding sales calls and connecting with my ideal clients. I was learning such a lot from speaking with them and I could see just how much I had accomplished during the program. I gained two new clients shortly after completing the program.

I have subsequently, secured further sales with one call resulting in a bigger team development/coaching opportunity. I also have more of my ideal clients reaching out to me.

This is a program that WORKS and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

Isla McCrone

Leadership and Personal Growth Coach

“I decided to join the VIP program because I wanted to set up a Virtual Assistant business, but I was not sure where to start.

I found that being on the VIP program got me thinking about what I want to do with my business and how best to put myself out there. I learnt a huge amount of practical marketing strategies on this program in addition to learning about how to use Linkedin.

Before I did this course, I had a Linkedin profile, but I didn’t use it and I felt intimidated by it. I only had only 10 connections. After completing this course, I have 200 connections and I don’t feel intimidated by it at all. I’ve even been helping other business owners with using Linkedin, and they have been able to gain clients through Linkedin as a result!

Shelley’s feedback and the support of the group was invaluable because it kept me on track and focused with starting my business, which I don’t think I would have done without this program.

I found this program very beneficial for me, and even though it was a stretch for me financially, it has been so worth it.”

Magenta Cunningham

Content Creator & Business Growth Strategist

“Working with Shelley has woken me up to the creativity of marketing and super-charged my passion, and vision for what lies ahead. Shelley’s an excellent coach and held a safe space of trust, repeatedly containing and channelling the uncertainty and self-doubt, that occasionally surfaced in the group process, into affirmative action.

Shelley’s specific understanding of marketing for coaches and consultants, is invaluable and saves critical time and effort. When you give centre stage to your ideal client in your invitation, they appear!

The resonance of mutual purposeful alignment with the incredible and courageous women I work with now, is profound, and generative – magical even. I now have a way to make connection directly that is authentic, appropriate and appreciated.

The confidence I’ve developed through this clear, step-by-step process, with steady support, refining and tuning, is huge. Above all, the experience of Shelley’s deep personal commitment to my success has been life changing. I am deeply grateful to her. This program works!

I thoroughly recommend Shelley’s program to coaches and consultants who are longing but struggling to find and serve their own ideal clients.”

Mary Lucas

Leadership Coach For Women Leaders

“The VIP Programme shifted a lot for me personally. I was able to put together a programme from scratch that is in alignment with my gifts and gained two clients at £3000 per client, making £6,000.

There was a big AHA moment for me when something happened during one of the meditations and I experienced my ‘inner child’. This led to a furthering of self-belief and confidence in my coaching work.

I couldn’t put a value on what Shelley did for me. What I can say is that I now appreciate my value and so much more when dealing with clients.”

Linda Rowntree

Intuitive Confidence Coach

“It was from the very first call with Shelley that I knew I wanted to work with her.

I started the programme in a confused state… aware I needed to become clearer with being online. Technology was my big stumbling block. Even writing that first email was a challenge.

The teacher in Shelley brought out the best in me. Actually realising I could use the technology, gave me the confidence to connect with more clients online.

Additionally, Shelley’s sense of minding people and holding space for them to feel safe…..was HUGE for me.

After the programme I am now making many more discovery calls from LinkedIn and am much more confident with technology.”

Mary Corbett

Life and Business Coach

“As soon as I started to implement what I learnt from Shelley, it increased the number of discovery calls I was having significantly. That in turn increased the number of clients and conversions.

What I gained from being part of The VIP Program was the group and encouragement of going through this journey with the others. Shelley’s guidance helped me keep my focus and my intention where I wanted it to be.

I love the fact that Shelley has that great mix of masculine and feminine energy – the masculine that focuses on getting things done, but also visualisation and manifestation that are more feminine.

During my time on the VIP Program I gained £11,000 in client business and a further £10,000 in warm leads.”

Shivani Bhagi

Career Success and Leadership Coach

“When I joined the VIP Program I had made a decision to focus on helping Coaches to find their purpose within their business.

However, when I started working with Shelley I realised that my TRUE purpose to help people come out of overwhelm and find purpose so they can have clarity in all they do, to live a happy fulfilled life.

This was a lightbulb moment that I have been searching for, for a very long time . As a result of this realisation my sales levels have gone up no end, and now I can say with confidence what I do which comes from the heart with a clear message that connects with my audience.

The connection I felt with those in my VIP group was so beautiful and supportive, especially as we were going through this program during Covid-19.

I have discovered my ability to creatively respond to the impact of the pandemic on my audience. I have adapted my messaging and created and sold new programs that have helped my audience at this point in time.

The best thing that emerged from me as a result of completing the VIP program is that I now feel like I have a business rather than a hobby and I am hiring staff to support my business.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to take their business forwards.

Maria Tucker

Life Coach

Ready to Consistently Attract Quality Clients To Your Business Every Single Day?


If you are ready to step up with your business and start living your dreams, then make sure you book in a call with my coaches to discuss joining The VIP Program…

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